A Brief History of the Atlas Lore

SatosPoE wrote:
Schnarrchnase wrote:
I don't know, man.
I appreciate your efforts, I really do. But it just doesn't feel nice to play for me personally.

The Atlas just isn't fun for me, which leads to me quitting a league after one week, in which I just play, on average, five characters through the acts and start the next one.
Most map layouts are annoying to run. Many maps require specific build types to feel good. And on top of all that, I can't even chose which map to run, because the "entry ticket" is a random drop.
And I still don't fully understand the new Atlas System either. I do it just like the guides say, just like people explain it to me, but I am not getting into the next tier of maps after slotting my first Orb into the Atlas. It might just again be, because of terrible RNG.

My biggest hope for at least 4.0 is an alternative to mapping for endgame. On that note, I really enjoyed the Endless Delve Event. It just had way too much RNG involved for my taste, which made 60hrs of pure grinding for gear feel pointless, since I didn't get a single usefull item. Not one.

I would even like to see some sort of Arena.
I imagine it something like this:
- Talk to NPC.
- chose a certain type of region you would like to run. Be it something like "linear areas", or "undead habitants".
- request to enter (for a price, if necessary). A portal to a random area (maps, act regions, boss rooms - as long as it fits the chosen type) opens.
- Defeat a set % of monsters in the region to open a portal to the next area.
- before every 10th area (9, 19, 29, 39, etc.) you land in a small room with vendor, stash, Arena NPC. You can either leave or request to challange a random act or map boss. Every 50th area it will be one of the big bosses like shaper, elder, sirus, aul, conquerours, etc.
- After every boss fight you get to add one more type to the pool, which then increases the chance to get better loot. (maybe 2.5 to 5%.). Also monsters gain the usual % increase to hp, attack and such. Just like map mods, basically.

Pretty much an endgame system, which would allow me to just chain areas, which I enjoy running, one after another. Without having to go and find the map for it first, which basically disables me from ever getting into the tunnel vision I like to have when playing games. If that makes sense to you, the reader.

Well, uhm.. sorry for this wall of text. I just felt like typing this out. I haven't slept much and had to distract myself for a while.
if you read it, thanks for investing your time. If you have unanswered negative feelings about this, go ahead and roast me all you want. I can take it! Otherwise I wouldn't press "submit" right now.

How would you feel about maps that aren't consumed?
Like...permanent, reusable, craftable, tradable maps?

I know several people have similar experiences as you.

real baby brain take here man..

research the game and what other players do. the answers are out there
As long as it's possible to make my atlas full of red maps without trading, wasting time farming extra maps, spending time of a full time job just to make it to a single T16, killing conquerors 8 times each (or more if you mess up your watchstones - a system so simple yet so convoluted in implementation only GGG could have made it), I'm fine with it. I worry anything new won't address the existing bloat, but instead enhance it.
Let's make a league about what players hate most: Opening doors, but even more slowly, backtracking through areas, clicking things that aren't in stacks excessively, escorting NPCs, losing everything on death, bugs, and crashes.
Nice to see some lore background.
So, will the Atlas reset be finally fixed in 3.13?
So atlas will be even more tedious in 3.13 then going by that? It sounds like conq's and the tiring watchstone system isn't leaving just yet.

Atlas doesn't need more damn story to slog through. People already hate the story for being a pile of uninteresting tasks, watchstones are already far too much of that in the Altas and now you want to add more?
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can't wait any longer
xpress69 wrote:
Ppl hating on current Atlas when is by far the best one to date IMO, shaper/elder influence was terrible, but of course if they can do better than what we have right now, im all for it.

Probably because things are subjective. Just because some like the current way and others don't does not make either side right or wrong. I personally do not care for the current system. It is not difficult, it is just boring and ends with a pathetically over mechanical fight at the end.
A common mistake that people make when trying to design something completely foolproof is to underestimate the ingenuity of complete fools.
I'm still waiting to find a non-minion character that can reach end game content. In 3 years I've managed to get one to level 95, saw Sirus the first league he appeared in, and never since. I'm old and slow, so piano keyboard doesn't work for me. And with the league nerfs and buffs that always make minion build tougher, the melee builds become impossible.

I still have fun, but after a few weeks of continuous deaths sometimes not even in T5 maps, no chaos to upgrade gear and no way to find it...its try a different build... 9 builds in one league all to mid 80's and unable to run red maps is getting old.

If anyone has a build suggestion, please share.

an announcement for an announcement, an inception trick.
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Cant wait... Lets do it...
So announcement on the 7th. Does that mean we're looking at launch on the 22nd? O.o

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