Happy New Year! A 2020 Retrospective

Happy new game year. :)
Congratulations on the accomplishments, and looking forward to more and better in 2021!
We introduced Stash Folders and the Stash Tab Affinities system.

Can we have Stash Folders working properly please?

Folders that
 are displayed on tabs tree view
  always visible tabs tree view
 can contain all tabs types
 support navigation with arrow keys and scroll
 have customisable color and icon
Instead of that defective implementation we have at the moment. Why do you even mention them?
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Happy New Year!
We posted 347 news articles - an average of 6.7 posts per week.

Yeah, isn't most of that MTX announcements?
Happy New Year and thank you to all at GGG.
Considering the great content, compared to the shitty year, I'm sure 2021 will be great for PoE players.

Keep up the awesome work GGG, and Happy New Year! May it be more pleasant than the last!
Happy New Year for my favorite game and developer.......
Well done and a huge congratulations to all of you at GGG.

This is and always will be, the best game I ever own.

Thank you to all and I'm grateful to be a player and experience
all that you continue to offer.

On behalf of the community, I'd like to express my appreciation
for your passion, hard work and drive, to keep delivering us
wonderful content that is truly amazing.

You are all beautiful to me, in my eyes.

Have a great 2021 to GGG and to anyone and everyone, all around
the world.

Love always,

Phil C.
Happy new year! Great year I loved it!

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