Happy New Year! A 2020 Retrospective

Happy New year GGG and everyone in the forums!
Congratulations on your evolving, and best persistent game awards. Have played Path on and off since I was a Beta tester back almost 10 years ago.
It's been a rough year, but thanks to GGG I was be able to survive during the Country-Lockdown here in NZ. GG, GGG!
I'm really looking forward to playing POE 2.0 when it launches. I don't really have much interest in playing standard, and also getting burnt out on playing leagues. It just takes so much time and effort to get to end-game and playing same content over and over is just too much for me anymore. I tried in Heist to get back into it and gave up before getting to end-game mapping. And fully plan on skipping this league too as i have too many other games i'm playing and playing POE means not playing anything else since it takes way too much time to play it and actually try to get challenges, just not going to happen for someone who works full time and has plenty of other games to still play. However once 2.0 launches then i'll really have a reason to come back, new campaign and new gem system, i can't wait. In mean time. any new info or insight or changes to POE 2.0 would keep me happy until then. I wish there was more feedback as to it's development instead of just the announcement at exile-con and that's it :(. Not bothered by delays though, delay as much as needed, just want to know more about it's progress :)
I wish you a Happy New Year, as a great developers you are GGG.
Happy (4 days) new year everyone! Thanks to all the people at GGG for the great game and constant development and all the creative energy you put into it!
Even I will not actively join the next season (due to other exciting adventures happening in real life) I am excited to follow the upcoming 3.13 announcements and of course very courious about POE 2.0.
Stay safe, stay sane, all the best!
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