Happy New Year! A 2020 Retrospective

No Free box for a happy new year?
Thanks guys for good work, happy new year <3
Happy new year everyone, thx GGG for your love and support for both the community and the game itself, looking forward to POE mobile, gl 2021 everyone!
BEX! your awesome thanks for the great community news and really being one with the people! =)

this game is still awesome!
a happy new year to you guys and some quick and thankful words onto the (ongoing) heist controversial.

while the league undoubtedly has its flaws and rough edges, i personally had a blast playing it.
the voiceacting, storylines and overall very immersive atmosphere was just great.
i can't stress enough how big of a thing this part is in having a well-rounded and enjoyable gaming-experience.
what i wanted to say is THANKS GGG for frequently delivering FREE content like this, not to mention the difficult circumstances the developers had to work under.

i personally think most of the people going babyrage-mode about the league forget that they get content like that for free.
but well, once you've raised expectations of your playerbase they gonna go upset if you dont excel yourself every three months and even tend to ignore that theres a worldwide pandemic going on which people have to live and work with, and many people who can't play videogames 24/7.

long story short, hopefully looking into 2021 and wishing you guys and your beloved ones the best.

Keep on the good work, looking foreward to 21.
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happy new year GGG and to all the players.
Can we have auto-loot for currency in PoE 2 ? pls ? And happy new year !
GG, GGG :)
Happy New year !

As always ive enjoyed every single league..even though i didnt understand much of what went on in harvest.. / doesnt matter, it was still worth playing.

Looking forward to the new league, in a few weeks :)

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