Happy New Year! A 2020 Retrospective

Happy new year ggg ! And thank you for fantastic game :)
Happy new year GGG ! I hope this year will have insane leagues.

Thank you for all your work !
happy new year to you all.

excited about the new league cant wait for 2 weeks.

I've seen alot of games blown and die, because they 'forsaw' a much larger growth than what they expected.

Struggling because of fast growth and trying to evolve a smaller management base into a bigger one is both good and bad.
Getting outside funding in order try to overcome what would have been impossible with the resources they had also has both good and bad.

I have felt disappointment with some things, but GGG is akin to the original blizzard, has intelligent people who are getting things they love and trying to make the best.

I will be keeping my eye out in the new year to see if they can turn a page and make the most of this (or fail).
I am expecting something in between at the moment.

Managing a large company is not even remotely similar to managing a small one.
Most of all having 'Third' (First) parties in the mix that can throw spanners every 5 seconds if wanted, destroys alot of companies.

My fingers are crossed, and I am inwardly cheering the guys at GGG on, hoping they can find the solutions they need and keep putting their hearts into their work (old and new members).
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wish all people happy new year and good one GGG!
excuse me. Can I apply for jobs at GGG?
Happy new year GGG!
Happy New Year :]

Great work GGG, keep up the good work !

Please die, COVID.
Happy New year to all of us!
Maybe this year you can put yourselfs together and release content instead of bullshit mechanics nobody wants? You know, this is an ARPG...
Or maybe you could release the content finished/polished instead of being in a clusterfuck status!

Happy New Year to all of you.
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