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Delve - I can't decide what score to give this. I like the non-flashy appearance of the set without the weapon effect, hat, and gloves. I give that an 8/10. Once you add some of the azurite dust to the mix, I kind of wish there was more, but also had the volume turned down on it a little bit. More of a dusting of blue powder across all the pieces instead of big gaudy crystals. The portal is quite nice with the spectre raising it up with chains.

Breach - I think this is executed slightly better than delve - the purple on the boots and face/front are nice but again I'd like to see it on the boots and/or other pieces as well. As someone who once bought the breachspawn supporter pack this is tempting to combine with the cloak I already have for what I imagine will be a pretty cool looking set. The portal is very flashy but I'd have a hard time replacing the nostalgia and exclusivity of my old breach portal with a new one :o

Abyss - this is 10/10 stuff but Abyss is too cool to fuck up. You get black and green to work with. Pet is awesome. Portals just a little too much smoke? Idk that's a great set.

Harvest - this is exactly what I wanted to see out of delve and breach in terms of putting the secondary set color (light blue) on the other armor pieces. That back attachment really toes the line between cool/epic and outsized/confusing. Another great color palate that's like impossible to screw up: greys with a gold sash and light blue accents. 9.5/10.

Atlas - Yikes. The portal is so cool and the clothing takes after it, albeit imperfectly. The green on the torso and belt sash just don't seem as naturally perfect as the portal. The character and back attachment and galaxy brain head attachment...they don't fit at all to me. They look like something from a different mtx set. I would like to see those effects re imagined in the style of the portal.

LOOK AT THE FABRIC HANGING OFF THE TOP OF THE PORTAL ITS PERFECT. Those glowing accents are perfect and should be used lightly and tastefully on the armor, and the character effect and back attachment should mirror this and play nicely with it, not stand out from it. 11/10 portal, 8/10 armor, 1/10 accoutrements.

Just my 2c. Wish I could pick and choose which things to get out of each set, I think they all execute something very well but each have their own little flaws. Even Abyss which I gave 10/10 that one helmet is kinda ugly but the hood saves it, the hood keeps it 10/10.

Patch notes when?

At least thay look nice this time, but i still think this price is laughable....
Not a fan of the abyss set, the rest are pretty cool.

It's that exalted orb t-shirt tho..
Noice! But nah... 480$ is sad I MEAN... they all looks great but core should be a set full of mtx - armor + pet + effect + portal + back attachment in all of these...
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I guess bye bye money?
Antigegner wrote:
I think they look good and I'm happy for everyone who loves those new mtx.


I'm the type of customer who likes a bit more realistic looking mtx and I haven't seen anything like that for years :-(

when I say "a little bit more realistic" I mean something like:

- Verdant Armour Pack
- Bear Armour Pack
- I can even live with the Sphingx Armour Pack

You might be interested in the recently released Darkwood microtransactions.
b4timert wrote:
Wish we had a few days to make a choice between buying/upgrading the old ones and new ones.

It's worth contacting our customer support team at to see if they're able to arrange something for you.
As a customer, my feeling here is: I will not buy any of those. If I could purchase one for 60$ I would. I do not like the MTX for the remaining so it's pointless to me. You would probably sell more if we could buy each of them OR buy more than one (with goodies adding up).
interesting, but why do the portals have creepy dudes behind them? just the effect would be nice... Or is that part of the "alternate" ones?
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