We're excited to introduce a new annual set of Core Supporter Packs themed around five key Path of Exile expansions! The new supporter packs contain a lot of exclusive cosmetic microtransactions as well as a great amount of points to spend. In addition, the higher-tier ones include optional physical items such as a choice of t-shirts, hoodies and a pack of five signed art prints.

The Delve Core Supporter Pack

The Delve Core Supporter Pack contains an Armour Set, a Weapon Effect, a Portal Effect, an Alternate Helmet, Alternate Gloves, a Social Frame, a Forum Title, a Badge and 550 points. Check out the preview video below!

The Breach Core Supporter Pack

The Breach Core Supporter Pack contains two Armour sets, two Weapon Effects, two Portal Effects, a Pet, two Alternate Helmets, Alternate Gloves, two Social Frames, two Forum Titles, two Badges and 950 points. Watch the preview video below!

The Abyss Core Supporter Pack

The Abyss Core Supporter Pack contains three Armour sets, three Weapon Effects, three Portal Effects, Two Pets, Three Alternate Helmets, Alternate Gloves, three Social Frames, three Forum Titles, three Badges and 1600 points. In addition, this Supporter Pack comes with an optional choice of a Path of Exile Logo or Exalted Orb T-Shirt. Check out the cosmetic microtransactions by watching the video below!

The Harvest Core Supporter Pack

The Harvest Core Supporter Pack contains four Armour sets, four Weapon Effects, four Portal Effects, two Pets, Wings, four Alternate Helmets, Alternate Gloves, four Social Frames, four Forum Titles, four Badges and 2400 points. Alongside exclusive microtransactions, this Supporter Pack contains optional physical items, such as a T-Shirt (Path of Exile Logo or Exalted Orb) and a hoodie (Path of Exile Logo or Exalted Orb)! Watch a preview of microtransactions below!

The Atlas Core Supporter Pack

The Atlas Core Supporter Pack contains five Armour sets, five Weapon Effects, five Portal Effects, two Pets, a Character Effect, two Wings, five Alternate Helmets, Alternate Gloves, five Social Frames, five Forum Titles, five Badges and 4800 points. The highest tier of the Core Supporter Packs, the Atlas Core Pack also includes a choice of clothing items (t-shirt and hoodie) and a pack of five artist-signed prints of the concept art for each of the five new Core Supporter Packs.

You can upgrade from one of these Supporter Packs to another in the same series by clicking "Upgrade" on the desired pack. The process will include any pure points packs purchased since Dec 10, 2020 4:00 PM (EST) (this is displayed in your local time). The maximum amount that upgrades can contribute is 80% of the value of a pack.

Upgrades can be done automatically via the purchase page on the website. If you run into any issues, please don't hesitate to contact us at support@grindinggear.com and we'll be happy to help.

We hope you really enjoy these Supporter Packs! Thank you so much for your generous support!
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Grinding Gear Games
fall35 wrote:
Which sizes are the shirts available in? I assume I am not the only one that needs a rather large one lol

Small up to at least 3XL. We're sometimes able to provide 4XL but we're not sure if they're available just yet.
Edit: We just got confirmation that we can provide 4XL as well!
Last edited by Community_Team on Dec 17, 2020, 4:57:18 PM
Antigegner wrote:
I think they look good and I'm happy for everyone who loves those new mtx.


I'm the type of customer who likes a bit more realistic looking mtx and I haven't seen anything like that for years :-(

when I say "a little bit more realistic" I mean something like:

- Verdant Armour Pack
- Bear Armour Pack
- I can even live with the Sphingx Armour Pack

You might be interested in the recently released Darkwood microtransactions.
b4timert wrote:
Wish we had a few days to make a choice between buying/upgrading the old ones and new ones.

It's worth contacting our customer support team at support@grindinggear.com to see if they're able to arrange something for you.
Krowanek_PL wrote:
giancarloRKO wrote:
I dont see this new core packs on my xbox series X mtx stash, why? they are only available on PC?.

They have to be atested or something to be relesed on consoles. Will be avaliable in a week or two.

Just confirming that the packs will be available on console in the new year although we don't have an exact release date yet.
nogura wrote:
vai com calma nos preços ai que a moeda do brazil ta muito desvalorizada


Você deve encontrar os preços BR aqui. :)
QuiquePoE wrote:
Nichelle_GGG wrote:
nogura wrote:
vai com calma nos preços ai que a moeda do brazil ta muito desvalorizada


Você deve encontrar os preços BR aqui. :)

Hay algún medio de pago alternativo para pagar con pesos argentinos?


Me temo que deberías verificar si esta opción estaba disponible a través del método de pago que deseas usar, desafortunadamente solo podemos ofrecer las monedas disponibles asociadas con cada región (bandera) que se encuentran en el sitio web de Path of Exile.

DrSicness wrote:
First of all... Amazing Work on all the Core Packs. They look amazing. I would be worried about my wallet if i was a PC Player. XD

But what about Consoles? When will we get them, if we ever get them?

Not to mention that we didn't get the big "Heist League Supporter Packs", only the small ones. That was a shame, because i didn't like them as much as the bigger Packs with armour. I really wanted one of them.

How do you guys of GGG want us to financially support you, if you only give us the half or less of the packs?

i would buy the Breach Core Pack, any maybe upgrade to the Abyss one.
But i think this will not be possible.

Why you don't just make these Packages buyable from your website for all Plattforms?

That would be so much smoother for us players, who can't run POE on a PC. And i think you would make much more profit.

Search all your Forums and look how long and loud players are asking for something like this.


Natalia mentioned here
Due to the certification process and upcoming holidays, the console versions of the new Core Supporter Packs will be released in January.

Hope this helps. :)

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