New Core Supporter Packs Available Now!

Raycheetah wrote:
Nicely done, but nothing I really want. Glad I took the plunge and upgraded to the Orion pack before the end. =^[.]^=

Glad you did! I amnot such a huge fan of the current theme but I can fully understand GGG cycling through styles to appeal to everybody.
Heart of Purity

The sense of challenge, danger and mystery has been replaced by a feeling of entitlement, security and predictability.
Mirek Le Fou -
Lore -
The portals are cool, but it would be nice if we could select which set of portals appear in the random selection, on a per-character basis. Otherwise, mis-matched portals will not look very good….
Take my advice. I'm not using it.
I feel like people are missing the big picture.

Between the nomad tease with the map faded in the background, and core packs reflecting our POE history, this definitely feels like the start of the buildup towards the conclusion of path of exile, setting a clear demarcation point for a path of exile 2.

They have a real shot at tying up all this lore here, which would then give path of exile to room to be its own thing story-wise, while having nods to the events of the original path of exile.

I am anticipating huge things, and a proper conclusion this year.

Doesn't mean it's all in the expansion being announced in January but I suspect that is what will kick it off. And it will build the entire year until we get the conclusion of the game.

Which will then kick off the count for path of exile 2.

That is my prediction with all of this.

The core packs are an ode to the history of the game.
ScoobyPoe wrote:
Delve and Abyss looks amazing. The rest are kinda meh and the worst is the Kali like.

i think it's the best and it is an extension of my enormous galaxy brain.
Nothing will ever top Empyrean/Crucible.
Path of Casino - because literally everything is gambling/RNG.
take my money xD
Kinda sad about the first one... it doesn't look very well IMO when you compare it to the basilik one. Indeed, the only good mtx is the delve portal. Other than that the atlas core is sick..
Can we just have a button to turn other peoples vomit, sorry MTX, off so I don't have to see this crap in my hideout?

Which sizes are the shirts available in? I assume I am not the only one that needs a rather large one lol
I wish the Breach Supporter Pack included the Original Breach portal from Breach league...

Also I wish they would repeat past leagues but upgraded for 2020. It is a simple idea they have ignored that would allow them to revamp the current league mechanics in game to bring them up to date. While also holding off on adding too much clutter to the game like they have been.

PoE is too cluttered and losing it's fun factor.

I feel like GGG doesn't care anymore.

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