New Core Supporter Packs Available Now!

The first one is a must buy for me - I always liked the design of Niko and his armour, but I totally love the last core pack aswell - It is so creepy. But that would be like superexpensive for me, and I do like the rest of packs aswell. Well, I have a whole year to think about it.
But it is also cool how GGG is trying to offer what people did request in the past - like the harvest thematic blue version.
vai com calma nos preços ai que a moeda do brazil ta muito desvalorizada
very nice , if only i can afford them all
Really good. Nice work.
Разработчик DaDEditor - удобная программа для редактирования лут-фильтров
Группа по PoE:
None of them look good. Breach helmet is especially awful.
Might go for the Harvest Tier, because i always wanted a exalted shirt/hoody :D and it looks really cool.

Even if i like the "Wings" and Portal of the last Tier, its double the Price of the Harvest Tier and i think i dont have much space left on the Wall to put 5 more Artworks on it xD
nogura wrote:
vai com calma nos preços ai que a moeda do brazil ta muito desvalorizada


Você deve encontrar os preços BR aqui. :)
Am I the only one who doesn't like them?
Oh dang, I wish there was a way to get the cloth map with these, I was just one pack away from getting it from the last core packs :c
Was there a typo somewhere? Will I get a new RTX3090 card with those packs? Or did someone at GGG smoke it...
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