New Core Supporter Packs Available Now!

Love the throwback retrospective themes. Kudos to the artists.
I dont see this new core packs on my xbox series X mtx stash, why? they are only available on PC?.
Wow my plan was to buy 480 supporter pack right away, but these are so bad, only harvest looks decent. I love the lean towards more and more extra stuff in support packs, 2 gloves is cool, maybe 2 back attachments in future)
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ty GGG
Jerle wrote:
floodo1 wrote:
There's some really great designs in there ... buuut .... why does every armor have black as the primary color? So hard to see the detail in a lot of in-game environments )-8

Absolutely this. The armour sets look all samey to me. Very unimpressed by the atlas core armour set...

I have to say I'm not too happy about my purchase choice.
Easy decision for me, the only ones I'm interested in at all are Abyss and Harvest, and these are too far down the food chain to even consider.

Having said this, I don't really care for either of the Abyss helms. Don't like the pointed hood and the alternate is too gaudy.

And while I'm here, the pointed hood helm is why I didn't purchase the Master Spell Blade pack. Loved the amour pack minus the helm. I just can't get past the pointy hood. I want the hood rounded, as the hood shown on the avatar for the Spell Blade pack.

Edit... point is, if designers want to make pointy hoods fine... just make a rounded version as well and include it in the pack. Me personally, I'm not purchasing gaudy or pointy.
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Shodman wrote:
its funny how much time they dedicate to create all those microtransactions but non to make a better game -.- this game is now BDO only selling and taking instead of taking and giving something good back !

good bye path of exile u used to be a good game !

22 challenges, yeah you don't play at all do you?
~ GD might not be the best place to ask that question. Nubatron 2020
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giancarloRKO wrote:
I dont see this new core packs on my xbox series X mtx stash, why? they are only available on PC?.

They have to be atested or something to be relesed on consoles. Will be avaliable in a week or two.
Well, I am gonna skip most of these I presume. I only like the DELVE character portrait and maybe some MTX there.

Imo you can´t make these annual MTX-s whatever floats in your head for a second.. people are paying PREMIUM for these and they are there to stay for a year... so you REALLY need to land the head on the nail with these. Needs to be more general stuff but still very high in detail etc.

Right now all of these are from old league combos which is already boring. Last ones were something totally new, refreshing from the new endgame expansion..

The 480USD pack is very dissapointing. Who are you gonna market this to? Who has 480USD to spend on MTX and is into.. this kind of.. stuff.

Also noticing that LARGE map device has different portals to SMALL... I really hope customers can atleast choose between two portals always.. aka getting two unique portals.

Limiting portals to LARGE map device seems silly as it just aint practical.. it looks pretty but it´s just not good to use ingame.. so limiting portals to a certain map device is pretty sad.

Yeah.. dissapointing, for me atleast.
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