Core Packs Are Leaving The Store Soon

I love the Basilik one with the green colour, I got that one. The judicator looks nice too though. I am excited to see the new ones. Do you already know when they will be available?
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Before the end of this year

Again an announcement of an announcement.......Can we have at least an indicative date instead of this vague post? Ty
Ps: This Fomo marketing strategy is awful for consumers.
still waiting for my cloth map Sadge
Please make sure spend some time and talk about what you release so we can avoid the drama over Judicator. Also include the same items as higher tiers. Lack of portals kinda kills the fun of those packs. apparitions were a bad idea. We dont like them. Dont waste time on them. Think about premium hideouts, map devices, portals... things we interact all the time.
cant wait to see new ones :-)
HDTanel wrote:
Also DYES from D3... would be aweosme.

I think there is a precedent to recoloring existing MTX and selling them rebranded as new mtx, so I doubt this would happen.

Look at Seraph Armor -> Golden seraph armor -> Obsidian seraph armor (not including Cerulean and Sanguine seraph because they were technically rewards, but still, the point applies).

Even recently, the bunch of "demon king" recolored portals, the Automaton Lightning armor being a recolor of the Infernal armor, etc.

When there is room to sell a "dyed" version of a set for $42, there isn't much incentive to introduce dyes.
I'm looking forward to the new!:-)

The orion pack looks awesome.
*Wallet starts to quiver*

Thanks GGG, looking forward to seeing what new packs you got. :P
Please change useless apparitions to something else in new packs.

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