Core Packs Are Leaving The Store Soon

I would not be surprised if the new core packs came with apparitions. Yes, unfortunately there are some who like them.
lets just hope the new ones are as good as the current ones... cuz the kitava supp packs were not my style :)) .. only kitava set was nice ...
I hope that the new core packs will be full of cyclone MTXs!

Just kidding...

But really...take the time you need. I had the feeling it was rushed last year and we were left without cloaks/portals.

WHO decided to announce this AFTER the Thanksgiving Sale?
Could have been a nice incentive to buy one or even more core packs, no?
I don't get it ...
When I first see the apparitons I got really mad like everyone else, but in the end I really like them. It's something new that's show you got "that" pack, but don't get me wrong, I still prefer portals or especially hideouts like some are saying, hideouts would bee amazing just like the sunspire, the hideout was one of the reasons I got that pack. I just think that apparitons must bee with the pack but not replacing portals or semething else.

And regarding the new's packs, I like it too if we could have some days or maybe one week with the new and the current ones overlaping in the store to make a decision, just like everyone else are asking. It's big money here and this year was difficult to be throwing money that easily without really knowing what's is coming next.
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I hope to see some no armor looking items aswell.
Adding my requests here:

- no apparitions
- shirts and apparel back please!

I still love wearing my tabula rasa shirt around non-PoE players and seeing what they think it is :D :D

I prize those shirts highly.

As for the apparitions... if we wanna be obnoxiously flashy, why not replace with the "giant Pandemonium Demon Pegasus pet"? lol
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I vote for no armor sets this time, it seems that is the bulk of MTX in supporter packs anymore.
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Good riddance, only pack that looked good was Orion, and i was not about to get all the bad looking ones along the way to get that one, didn't deem it worth that kind of money this time around.

I hope you do better with the next one and i look forward to seeing it!
I would not be surprised if the new core packs came with apparitions. Yes, unfortunately there are some who like them.

+1 to this, i never understood the point of them.

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