New Stash Tab Folders and Affinities System

Also, tangentially related, why don’t stash tabs and main inventory have a sort feature? This game is a decade+ old and that hasn’t been implemented?

There are only a few ways to efficiently sort the items in this game, but the default placement(*) is not efficient, so I wind up spending a lot of time re-arranging inventory, sometimes in the middle of big mobs (esp in Heist).

(* and why is the default placement single-column wise? It should be row-wise (horizontal) for gear, and two-column wise for 1x1 and 1x2 items (i.e., gems, rings, belts, etc). That’s still not an efficient sort, but it would be better.)

For that matter, why isn’t there auto-loot? And auto-sell to NPC vendors? Item Filters could be used to define both, or better, main inventory could be unlimited, so you can just pick up everything, and then sort it and auto-sell it according to Item Filters. (You’d need a confirmation dialog for uniques and other high-value items of course.)

Those would also be pretty major QoL improvements.
Take my advice. I'm not using it.
Anyone know how to see the subfolder or enable subfolder view on the stash side panel?
That nice. Thank you for information!
This is so amazing
Poggies! Now we just need to be able to expand and collapse folder on the right-hand menu! <3 but this is mega awesome! <3 fantastic work!
awesome - very well thought through and implemented!

thanks guys!
the Ctrl+Click doesn´t work with oils
Can't control left click maps into map folder when affinity is checked
Still no "delete tab" or "vendor tab content" Buttons. This is still a huge mess after having tons of Remove Tabs after each league. Guys why wouldnt you think of step 1 instead of starting with step 43 of tab editing options?

Edit : I still need to click EVERYTHING out of the remove (or any other tab) and into the normal tabs. This system only just sorts tabs in folders and just prevents us from having to browse to the correct tab to CRTL+Click from the stash into the inventory.
Sorry but this is just a minor addon and doesnt improve QoL much.
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