New Stash Tab Folders and Affinities System

So, I don't know if this has been said yet or if this is even gonna get read but just want to give my piece of mind:
I love the new system, it's one of the best QoL changes you made in the past months. There's just some little tweak I would recommend:
If any tab has a crafting spot, so a spot where mostly any item can go into, the first item I ctrl-click on that page should go into that slot or slots (in case of delve tab e.g.) instead of going into it's assigned affinity tab. I believe this should be possible to do somehow. Thanks for reading :)
When can we expect fix for folders expanding? Currently tabs are hidden on the dropdown list and do not look like on the feature screen :)
Adding folders is a great improvement for stash tabs. Looking at my stash on your website I don't see any folders, just my regular stash tabs, but that's ok. I put 26 tabs into 6 folders, giving me quicker access to everything while playing. The affinity option is also nice. Thanks GGG. Keep up the good work!
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This is all very well but I hate the little icon that's added to a tab when affinity is set. Please remove it, we don't need a visual reminder. It's distracting and it just makes the tabs wider.

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I don't know if this has been said already, but one feature mentiond in this post doesn't seem to work properly.
The announcement says "However, if you have a Currency tab and set the Currency affinity on another tab, it'll prioritise the other tab. In this instance, you would need to open the Currency tab in order to ctrl+click your currency into it, as you have always done."
This is not working at all, if i set a regular tab to have affinity for currency, all my currency items are placed there if i ctrl-click them. I've tried this with different affinities and it's the same across the board.

Another suggestion is to send items to the selected tab instead of the tab with affinity if the affinity tab is full when you ctrl-click. this is most noticable with the unique tab since it only has 1 slot per unique so if you already have that unique and ctrl-click a copy of that unique inte another tab, nothing happens.

Thanks for the great feature, i hope you see this suggestion and improve upon it.
DanioOFP wrote:
When can we expect fix for folders expanding? Currently tabs are hidden on the dropdown list and do not look like on the feature screen :)

yep, I noticed that too, that's why I'm still not using the folder feature..
Thanks for share it really good information provide..
hi all

this is all great but there are several details that bothers me (and I have been searching into this thread before asking)

Since I have about 90 tabs (lost count actually, and I even have some the remove-only tabs from previous leagues), it's a nightmare for me to organize them, even with some of them empty (I have no idea how many of them)

Let's assume I start playing the next new league with all the tabs preconfigured in stamdard.

1) if I have created a folder with remove-only tabs (since moving all the items to another empty is a PITA), what would happen to that folder when a new league starts (I did read that the folders would be copied during a league start but on standard I see if you turn off remove-only tabs view, those folders dissapears if only contain remove-only tabs).

2) What's going to happen when the next league ends? Will the folders add the remove-only tabs ?

I don't mind having to organize my tabs once more time, as long as I don't have to do it again when a league starts.

I take this opportunity to suggest to add more affinities based on item class/type. ie: 1 handed swords, wands, red gems, etc etc etc.

Edit: also: pls allow us to set colors to the folders!

Thank you. rudy

Edit: I just did some tests using Standard SSF, seems like folders with remove-only tabs doesnt get copied so I had to separate those RemOnly tabs in order to get to work. So far so good, except for the public attribute on tabs, I must enable them one by one.

ty again.
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Great job!
I like this feature.

Now, my folders are always collapsed,where do we click to expand them as it's shown on your screenshot?

I can't find the option to collapse/expand my folders.
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Ha, I was just going to ask this and post that image myself!

I take it this is going to be like a premium folder MTX if it's not implemented yet. Seems weird to show those screenshots and not activate it, even after fixing some of the initial affinities/folder quirks.

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