New Stash Tab Folders and Affinities System

Anyone know how to see the subfolder or enable subfolder view on the stash side panel?

You can't. They did not implement it yet and that's why I can't use folders until they do. Navigating with the right panel is by far the most efficient way. Any tab inside a folder disappears from the navigation list... that's a huge step backward, but I think they're working on it.
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tg08096 wrote:
Guys, please, please, please, PLEASE:

Also, not to be a pain in the ass, but we're gonna need some routing rules for these stash tabs. For example, a unique collection tab is set with the unique affinity. I ctrl+click a unique item from inventory to stash, but the unique collection tab already has a copy of the unique, so the unique in inventory automatically goes to a second tab with unique affinity set.

Other than that, great job and thank you!

Yes, this need to be implemented ASAP. Right now it's bit clunky when you have to move manually uniques to other tab.

And keep up good work as always.

Hakuna Matata
Could we have some sort of CTRL+SOMETHING + CLICK to put into active tab ignoring affinitive setup, let say I want to have my super op maps in other tab and don't want to click one by one

Thank you,
It's awesome
its not working as it should be
some items can't be moved with ctrl - like essences or oils
it brings us back to stone age where we have to drag and drop by hand..
would be easier if there were no affinities because this screws everything up
i thought it would be fixed by now but bad luck, it still isnt
Is it possible for "Remove Only" Tabs in Standard to get the information from which major-Version they are?

So it would be possible to sort the Tabs by league/major update with the new folders.
Actually I could only make one folder for "old leagues" and put them all into this...(but then we need a drop down for folders...) and after this league it's finally possible to sort them per league in Standard.
Can confirm that I can't see folder contents on the right menu, only the folders. Why have a screenshot in this thread showing a different design to what you've deployed? You clearly have a screenshot showing the Folder open with it's contents indented beneath it in the right-hand menu?

I still don't understand some of the UI choices GGG makes though. Any UI/UX designer worth his salt wouldn't put a 'Create folder' button and 'Add Tab' button next to the right arrow. Why are they not to the left of the settings cog? Come on now...

I don't have the affinity issues people are having, ctrl-clicking drops each tab affinity in the right location.

Finally, no ability to colour code folders either? I presume that's going to be coming as a 'Premium' folder MTX?

Overall, great QoL changes, but only once it's actually properly implemented. Why would none of these things that i've (and countless others i'm sure) mentioned come out in testing?

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The + tab (tab sales tab) is in a very annoying location. I click on it all the time by mistake. Could you relocate it to a spot where it is not a pain in the rear?

and again, good work!
Affinities breaks my currency tab, but it seems to work fine for any other tab premium and non-premium. Could be my specific currency tab, or because I own only 1 currency tab.

With affinity set on my currency tab, I cannot Ctrl + Click to drop currency into the tab. Also it can jump to the tab, but not drop it in. Manually dropping currency still works, but that is worse than not having affinity settings.
The fragment affinities system dosnt work on devine vessel and sacrifice fragments etc.. ? otherwise really Nice!

Since the patch, the first time I enter to Heists, or perhaps the first time after I had logged to the game, I cannot run contract due to an insufficient amount of marks. I store Rogue's Marks in the Currency tab. I simply need to go to the Stash and make all marks visible to me and then everything works.

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