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New Stash Tab Folders and Affinities System

BNightwolf wrote:
Affinities breaks my currency tab, but it seems to work fine for any other tab premium and non-premium. Could be my specific currency tab, or because I own only 1 currency tab.

With affinity set on my currency tab, I cannot Ctrl + Click to drop currency into the tab. Also it can jump to the tab, but not drop it in. Manually dropping currency still works, but that is worse than not having affinity settings.

The exact same thing happened to me. My fix was to disable affinities for currency. I hope GGG fixes this bug soon.
Not extremely necessary, but I'm happy haters are happy. Good job GGG, sincerely.
Remove the plus button please, a buy button placed between tiny utility buttons is a tiny bit over the top imho.
- Best Signature Ever -
The maps affinity does not work for me.
wow sounds awesome!

now do away with the garbage trade board on consoles and give us a decent trade option. destiny makes it possible for us to manipulate our inventory with our phone, can sell stuff from my phone on WoW (how old is WoW armory?), yet somehow you guys still can't figure out a better option for trade that the board? lmao gimme a break

dont wanna trash the trashy board? fine, just give us better search options!
I love it!
The Currency tab affinity is not working properly for me in Standard League. Relogging did not solve this, unfortunately.

Been playing for 7 months now, very much enjoy the game. This overall is a great QoL improvement, thank you! (not counting the folks having bugs/issues, obviously)

I do have a request though... The '+' sign and the folder are both in line with the tabs themselves, next to the arrow to slide back and forth, and thus these two buttons block off two other tabs I would normally have immediate access to with a simple click, but now I have to slide over one, two or three times, depending on the width of my tab, to get to those folders I used to have access to. My request is to move the '+' sign and the folder up above this line, possibly next to the 'X' that closes the screen, just so we have that much more real estate to work with for our tabs themselves.

Thank you if you read this, thank you in advance if you actually implement this or a similar change!
Anyone know how to see the subfolder or enable subfolder view on the stash side panel?

Anyone figured this out and could share please?

EDIT: The very first screenshot shows exactly what we mean - an expanded folder view in the side tab.
Last edited by EzekielLeonsson on Nov 7, 2020, 8:45:33 AM

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