New Stash Tab Folders and Affinities System

SUPER UBER LOVE THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This is the kind of thing that can help make PoE great.
Less time sorting and more time for funner stuff.
If all working as intended, this is going to make me want to play more.
Universal Law - Balance
Excellent, Love it been all my tap is like a mess!
I've often thought it would be great to have items automatically routed to their specific tab! What a great time saver!
Amazing! Thank you!
This Is Awesome! thank you for bringing this to the game!
Awesome ! TY
BUT Autoplacing in divination card's stash is not working...
or it only my problem ?
Thanks for the useful feature. It's almost perfect.

I was wondering ... Currently, if we add more stash tabs to the same folder that can't be seen all together, it could be hard to see where tabs are; scrolling through all folders to search for the specific one could be slightly inconvenient.

It would be perfect if all stash tabs including those inside folders were also listed in the dropdown tab or perhaps have an option to open/expand the list.
Guys, please, please, please, PLEASE:

Don't change the width on the stash tab once it is set with an affinity. We don't need a symbol telling us it has an affinity set, and we like to keep tabs as narrow as possible for ease of sorting.

Also, not to be a pain in the ass, but we're gonna need some routing rules for these stash tabs. For example, a unique collection tab is set with the unique affinity. I ctrl+click a unique item from inventory to stash, but the unique collection tab already has a copy of the unique, so the unique in inventory automatically goes to a second tab with unique affinity set.

Other than that, great job and thank you!

Pet_gob wrote:
Awesome ! TY
BUT Autoplacing in divination card's stash is not working...
or it only my problem ?

Same for me

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