We The North - guild for mature players

Good morning.

Been a gamer for years. Started with POE back in 2021 but don't have a lot of experience with the game. Would love to meet up with folks on discord and in game to learn more and share in the experience.

43y Male
USA Central Standard Time
Play on some week nights for a few hours but mainly play on the weekends when I get done with my honey do list from the wife and family. :-)

Thanks for your time!
Hey there,

I have been playing path of exile for many years, but never truly explored the end game content. I am looking for a group of neat people to run some of this content with. Its more fun with a party! I am 28 years old and play most days/nights since I work from home. Thank you for the consideration.

Character Name: TempaliEle
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I've been playing PoE for roughly a year now and am looking to start exploring the more social aspect of the game.

Saw your post and I'm interested.

IGN: Primolde

invites have been sent, welcome.

I'm new to POE, first tried it out during Rituals league but didn't stick around for long. I'm back for Crucible and having more fun with it. Looking for a social guild I can chat/play with when my friends are offline. I am new to the game so my goal for this league is to get past the campaign and give the mid-endgame an honest try but probably will be casual for the most part.

I'm from Toronto, Canada, late 20s. I tend to play in the evenings like around 8-9PM.

IGN: ErishkigalArali
invitation sent, welcome.
Hey, i'd like to join IGN: MormerilonLA

I've played PoE for 2,400 hours and still have no idea what i'm doing, half the time it just works. I am 25 i enjoy a bunch of different genres but always seem to come back to ARPG's

in poe I'm mostly a casual player, recently got my brother into poe i still need to learn more in-depth crafting and other mechanics slowly but surly trying to learn.
invite sent, welcome.

Previous player but havent played for 2 years. Want a guild to help me leanr end game
IGN: DeftFeline

Late-40s guy, eastern time zone USA.

I started playing PoE in Expedition and have about 3K hours logged since then. I would classify myself as an 'advanced beginner'. I have a couple of friends who play, but I would like to expand my social circle a bit-- that's my main interest in joining the guild. Other gaming interests include other ARPGs, WoW and colony/factory building games.

For Crucible I've started with CF Champ for the first time and am quite enjoying it. (Previous experience with RF Inquisitor and Jugg, as well as Stormbrand Inquisitor.)
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