We The North - guild for mature players

IGN : Whurz / Whurzoom
I go by Whurzo but those are the names of the two toons I am building rn.
I played POE back in like 2019-2020 pretty heavily and havent touched it since comin back this season. I enjoy playin and helpin people through content as well as getting helped myself as i dont know as much as a regular poe player. I started this season with a Impending Doom Occ and am now playing a Boneshatter Slayer. I also have a ED contagion trickster im messin around with a buddy on. id love to join a active guild and find some cool people to hang with.
My name is Paul.
I am from U.S. Texas/Louisiana. Am living in Iceland atm.
I have played POE in the past but not super serious. I am currently leveling up a Boneshatter Juggernaut. Looking for casual guild.
invites sent. welcome
Hi there,

IGN: Scourgestylin

Working professional with family, but been playing on and off since the beta days. Looking for a chill group to connect and play with going forward. From the Greater Vancouver Area. Not interested in drama or bad vibes.

Currently playing scourge arrow totems - definitely an interesting build!

Please let me know if any questions - thanks!
invite sent, welcome.
Hey Hey. Im in little old Freddy town, New Brunswick.

Been playing off and on since 2018 but have come back heavy this league and decided to finally learn the game. This is my main game now.
I retired early and have lots of game time now

Looking forward to playing with a group of friendly peeps

IGN MiriUrthador

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In game name is MandrolBS.

I am an older gamer that has played POE off and on since 2015. The game has changed alot since then and I am enjoying learning all the new aspects of it. Looking for a place to hang out with others and enjoy the game. I look forward to hearing back from you.
Hi. My Name is Luc, I am from London,Ont.

Would like to join. My IGN:RALAICEMI

Hi. IGN: _SimT with underscore included.

New comer here. POE is fun and I cant stop playing it. Currently sitting in greater Toronto area and looking for an active guild to hang out with.

Hello! I am the noobiest of all the noobs. I've been playing nonstop for 2 days but I would like to play with others. I came over from playing the Diablo series for years and years. I'd love to join you guys and I'd consider myself more of a casual player. My character name is pixiedust. I'm playing as a witch right now. So much to learn.

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