We The North - guild for mature players

Hi, I'm looking for an active guild that stays pretty active even near league's end. I play mostly SC but sometimes dip my toe in HC if I'm feeling spicy! At least until I rage-quit =).

Looking for socializing, game discussion, and partying for profit!
need your IGN
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hello there! i'm 24, from brazil. i've started playing poe in 2013, but stopped playing in 2015. i got back in 2021, and have been playing ever since. i don't really play everyday, mostly on weekends, bc of work, but one of the things i really like is to interact with other people in these online games, and a guild is a really nice place to do that :)

IGN: Batiatus_
Oops, here it is!

IGN: DoomPoppies

Hi. I'm semi-active player Standard/League. Started playing since early 2014. Looking for the mature active for leagues and standard. Highest level is only 97. Thanks.

IGN: Cryptobond
Hey! Active player here from Toronto Canada ( love the name! )

> 30 years old, mature, looking for a chill guild.

level 95 this league

About me: 33yo, he/him, ~2k hours in PoE, would love a friendly, active guild of adults to play with when the league starts next week. I usually play roughly 30-40 hours/week while playing the league. Looking forward to talking more in Discord.

IGN: Sbyrs

Small town Ontario near Owen Sound. It's been a while, and I would like to get back into things. Definitely have a problem getting to top levels.


IGN: kandj
invitations sent. welcome everyone
Im 25 and im european, i play this game for years. First time in 2015 but started actually playing in incursion league (dont remember year) so i have unhealthy amount of hours. At league start i usually play 30h+ per week later on its something around 20 but it depends if league feels like standard. Oh and i'm softcore league only.

I look for chill active mature guild that socialize and help each other

IGN: ItsMemingTime

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