Our Reasoning Behind the 3.13 Launch Delay

VicieuxEH wrote:
And what if CDPR decides last minute to delay again to i don't know January what then? Being at the mercy of a Company that is not even in the same Genre of Games kinda SAD. Can we expect delays when Blizz announces D4 Release? LOL

If Diablo 4 and POE released at the same time, Yes you can expect a delay. They wouldn't want to have their thunder stolen by another company.

Please think logically. Its a business, They want to keep the focus on them. Simple as that.
Lose are streamers? Seriously who cares about these guys.
Interesting to hear about the process. Chris and the team are still the best. Most MMOs like to give out freebies for delays and the like, just saying. ¯\_(ヅ)_/¯
Awesome communication Chris.

Might be wishful thinking, but I truly wish the community gave you enough faith to say all of this in the first place.

Well done, thanks.
Il n’y a pas de soleil sans ombre, et il faut connaître la nuit.
Very good reasoning IMO; it would be selfish of us to insist you release a league when it is obviously detrimental to the overall health and longevity of the game.

Anyways, can't wait for January 15th and the re-addition of harvest crafting because that is the most fun I've had in 7 years of PoE.
gimme money bitch
matsu07 wrote:
Ondrugs wrote:
matsu07 wrote:
Hey, I just hope ggg gives the same treatment with the long awaited Diablo IV. It's been awaited for more than a decade.

It would be cruel to make us choose just one to play. It will also affect streamers shit, since I'm certain many of them will want to play Diablo IV.


PoE will not meet this event at all, but I doubt Diablo guys would like to release their precious D4 if a new league starts... for GGG it wouldn't make a big difference at all.

So a game from another genre, single player , from the same creators of Glitcher 3 can impact PoE, but the sequel to the spiritual sucessor of PoE, a game awaited for more than a decade does not? LOL nice joke

blizzard has very little credibility left. the hopes of them putting out a game better then "yeah i played it, it was ok i guess" would be a small miracle. sure d4 is going to sell 30+ millions copies on the name alone but it actually being good... personally i'm keeping my expecations around zero for anything blizzard does now.

CDPR's Witcher 3 was nominated for 38 awards and won 18 of them. Cyberpunk is their followup game if its as good as witcher 3 its going to be the only thing people are talking about. if its better then witcher 3 its going to the absolute monster of a release where nobody is going to give a shit about any other game for 2-3 weeks. even if it flops the media is going to talk about nothing but how one of the biggest games anticipated in recent years turned out to be a flop.

the amount of people that dont understand how big of a monster cyberpunks release good or bad is going to be is amazing.

also LOL at people looking for free handouts like the entitled children they are.
It's not the first time GGG disappoints us, so it's ok.
While I try to write candidly, I don't normally talk about every motivation that we have when making decisions. I feel that this is a case where it's important that we lift the curtain a bit and explain all the factors that influenced this.

absolutely disagree. you don't owe an explanation to anyone. at best people will just ignore it, at worst people will think you're just doing "damage control" and crap. its a lose lose to "life the curtain" at this point with this community.

just tell us theres a delay and we'll get a bit of compensation by getting a league event. done. we're forced but to be okay with it, and we have little information to tear you up regarding it.

the more you divulge the more "we" have to rip you up on. this is not the same community as 7 years ago.
cgheezey wrote:
this level of transparency is really something that we, as players, should not take for granted.

thanks for your explanation. i actually do feel better after reading this.

I absolutely can't stand the fact that Tencent owns GGG, and I find myself questioning how long it'll be until the influence is too much.

That said, it's statements like this, statements that didn't even have to be written, that recharge how happy I am to play PoE, and how excited I'll be for the next league.

Thanks for the write up GGG, I think a lot of us appreciate it.

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