Our Reasoning Behind the 3.13 Launch Delay

Thanks for the update.

This makes sense to me at least based on global health situation, to let the devs some time off, be with family (if possible...).

The next league will be more polished, so that's great too.

About the "profanity", I appreciate the candor, contrary to imposing one's morals on others.

Stay healthy!
I understand ... lets flashback....:)
endless delve with slottable hybrid legacy pieces on biomes

gearable npcs or metamorphosis style sidekick

a defense core style harvest+blight combo

SuperDrop wrote:
Alasticus wrote:
I'm very happy with your decision. I'll be able to play Cyberpunk 2077 for a month and then come back on the next patch 3.13 in january.

Thanks alot for that decision, very apreciated!

you wont be back. neither am i. CB77 looks pretty good, without new league theres month time to grow out from poe

You really don't know me for saying this lol. You can be assured that i'll come back on PoE in January even if Cyberpunk 2077 is out.
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What if Cyberpunk delays again and lines up with POE release, again? Will you push it back again? What if they delay a 5th time? Where does it end.
will the next league be 1 month shorter than or are you gonna push up all your schedule by 1 month?

and what if cyberpunk gets delayed again? just saw news that it might not release this year, will you extend the league for another month?
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Worst possible league to last one month longer..dayum.
I honestly really hope whatever the December event is, is not endless Delve. Don't get me wrong, Delve is fun and all, but it's been in the game for so long now and is not that new or exciting anymore. I have seen many suggesting on Reddit for the December flashback event to have 3.6 original Synthesis, Harvest to try it out before it goes core with 3.13 as well as Legacy league to have a chance to get foils again from reliquary keys. All of this sounds very exciting and nostalgic and I hope at least one or more of these will be in the flashback league, as for "endless Delve", it sounds rather simplistic and not very thrilling since not really much effort would go into even making it an "event". Put the Sulphite requirement to something small or close to zero so that people can Delve endlessly and this is an event now? Come on, GGG can do better than that.
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didn't go through all the pages of the responses, but does that mean Heist league will end early December? I know Gamepedia shows Heist league is ending on December 7th but I don't recall this being mentioned in any of the announcements?

If anything, why not extend Heist league for a few weeks like back in Legacy league? And create a separate month long race for December alongside the extension of Heist league so players can choose to play one or the other?

Personally I'd love it if Heist league continued a bit longer until the next league is released
This definitely sucks, but if Cyberpunks half the game Witcher 3 was, it'll easily consume a month of my life, so this is the smart move, albeit not a popular one.

Extending heist league would be pretty cool, especially since I'm a newer player just looking to stack currency for future builds.
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