Our Reasoning Behind the 3.13 Launch Delay

Seems fine. all the new World of Warcraft stuff is coming out around that time too, the raids and PVP and all that. a sound, empathetic, and understanding decision.
Delirium ended...
But the Voices never did.
Good for you giving your team time off on the holidays.
I can get behind a company who puts its people first!
I don't know if I fit the profile of a POE player or not.
I do know I will support you guys and buy the shit out of your
supporter packs when you launch in January!
Imagine being insecure about your OWN game
Welp Cyberpunk 2077 overhyped. Can’t wait for 3.13.
Cyberpunk 2077 is maybe overhyped, BUT still good enough to skip or quit (early) a league or two! If GGG again decide to deliver something that people consider "garbage", nerfs, ect. - than many of PoE players will quickly quit in order to play Cyberpunk. GGG have now a real competitor.
I predict, that in order to have a chance against CP2077 we will never see any nerfs in PoE again. Probably only massive buffs - every patch.
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LMAO Bet you all feel like idiots now cyberpunk has flopped xDDD


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