3.13 Launch Delayed until January

Delaying your Game's Update for a Game that was delayed for what the THIRD time now yeah that's probably a good idea welcome to no PoE Updates for the next 10 years cause Cyberpunk will be delayed at least 10 more times.

If they would have said we are delaying till January for bugfixes and polishing that would have garnered support from everybody but this lame excuse is retarded cause if you delay for one Game what tells us you aren't pulling the delay Card every Game now?
Flamingblits wrote:
I hope synthesis is added to the flashback league

I think harvest will be re added considering how "crazy" apparently it was with the crafting.
But far aside the big point, those flashbacks while okay most of the time people get baited with promises of free microtransactions otherwise.. who knows.
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i don't normally comment, but i think this is a bit of a joke...
is GGG scared of competition ? poe is not even the same type of game.
Those that want to play cyberpunk will play cyberpunk in Dec or Jan makes no difference same applies to POE. Those that want to play new league will join and play whenever it starts.
My problem is that me personally not finding it fun in current league and i couldn't wait for next league to start mainly because i can't wait until garden crafting comes back.
Also cyberpunk had already been delayed a number of times, what's there not to say they going to come out 7 days prior to DEC release and announce another delay until Jan. So does GGG than delay next league until FEB ? a joke.

PS. I will be playing both cyberpunk and POE regardless of when the league starts...

How about everyone stops playing POE in protest until new league starts maybe than devs will listen when they get their current player base on stand by...
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I can give you just one big FU, guys! Why dont you delay the game because i was playing League of Legends doing Worlds 2020 missions there?!? Hooooly...i truly hope the 3.13 will be full with stupid bugs and whatever so i can say myself "well, better this than wasting Christmas vacation again /after Metamorph/ for something buggy that would ruin my hype and plans". Oh, and btw in january less people would have days off for that new league because...
The whole idea that you delay the league cuz of another stupid fancy game also means to me that you dont believe in your product >>> high chance to be stupid as Heist and not so polished to keep players in it, lul.
Maybe delay PoE2 if Diablo/Wow/GTA/NFS/FIFA release their product same year too!

And btw is thats how you gonna keep the "best league start"and "most players for the start of league" stats from now on?!?

+1 respect for letting us know the real reason of this delay tho.
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I wonder how Tencentivised this announcement was.
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What ?
I very rarely ever post anything but I really felt the need to after seeing this news post. I've been playing this game for a loooong time and what you guys (GGG) are doing is despicable. This game is slowly losing everything that made it amazing I hope someone in the GGG staff reads this.
So will the current league be extended out as well?

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Cyberwhatnow xD i understand your reasoning buuuuuuut.
Will Heist league be longer due to this or??

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