3.13 Launch Delayed until January

Sorry to hear that. I had really been looking forward to getting back to a new league over the holidays. Guess i'll check out last epoch instead.
Maybe its so the Devs can play CyberPunk!? lol
People who play it will be ready for PoE in a matter of days. The games content, which has no multiplayer at launch, will be devoured in a week by a casual player. Much faster for some. Give it 10 days and give us PoE please.
Now, I will spend my gaming Xmass bucks on Cyberpunk and not poe. If you guys had not delayed I would have waited for a Cyberpunk sale and spent my gaming Xmass bucks on poe. I Guess you guys wanted to gift CDProjectRed with what was my designated Path Of Exile bucks.
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Well this sucks - I'd been looking forward to play PoE over the holidays with the kids while they're home. Now they get nothing, cuz we're not playing Cyberpunk ... not cool.

You should instead, let your fanbase choose for themselves .. not force it upon them when we were all looking forward to the new expansion. Specially when the 2 games are very different genres ...

Standard events? Blah ... we play league ... not standard ... way to hurt the fans :(
a strange approach if you ask me, cyberpunk is not even remotely close to poe- who here feels its a choice between poe and cyberpunk? out of everything else that's being launched or expanded in december
Going by how much the Economy and Players online
I can see a lot of people have taken a Break from POE.
Hope they return...
When is the 3.13 release notes due?
Sorry, but I don't buy this at all. What does a game like Cyberpunk have to do with PoE? That's completely different target audiences. But I guess it's easier than to say, sorry guys, we didn't make it and couldn't finish 3.13 in time for the holiday break, where just about everybody was looking forward to playing a new league.
After playing Cyberpunk, PoE looks dull. Watching PoE Streamers feels like playing this game is waste of time now. Play Cyberpunk once, loose passion for old game, never return. It's probably time for PoE2.
So, after the utter disaster and snore fest that were Harvest and Heist, you decide to leave us with heist for christmas ? Really ?
Dem news today :D

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