[3.12] Demigod's Wrath - 90% berserk, Automatic Warcries, 150% character size, Permastun Sirus

Zana for scale :)

Greetings, this is a Blunderbore variant of my other build that utilizes the same mechanics but makes use of some new gear.

Nerfs from last league
-Divine Flesh was OP and got nerfed. Using a Loreweave as a replacement is suitable, but not nearly as powerful. We also run Blunderbore in this build.
-Enduring Cry CD is now 8s instead of 6s. In this build, post nerf, it's on a 2.73s CD, which means the nerf is insignificant as we use it defensively anyways.


+Solid clearspeed (instantly clear the screen despite being melee)
+Roughly 80% uptime on berserk, 90% during a boss fight
+50% increased character size
+Permastun most enemies, including bosses
+Extremely tanky (8k life, fortify for 20% DR, 90% uptime on berserk which has another 19% DR, blind for 50% evade, near-instant Enduring Cry, overleech)

=Average boss killing (Roughly 4-5 mil shaper dps)

-Cheap to start but requires some investment for higher level content
-Not an unkillable AFK tank, we can still die
-Have to spend 1 regret everytime you do a big boy boss (remove Impaler keystone)

Build Concept

The idea of this build is to utilize The Eternal Apple to automatically cast 3 different warcries: Intimidating for double damage, Rallying for a 20% flat phys buff and 25% more damage, and Seismic for massive amounts of AoE and more damage.

The Eternal Apple

Quick run-down: Every time we lose an endurance charge, the shield's effect will activate and cast a socketed warcry. Additionally, whenever you reach your maximum endurance charges you will lose all endurance charges.

Enduring Composure: Gain an endurance charge every second if you've been hit recently.
Combining this effect with The Eternal Apple, we will be able to generate endurance charges freely as long as we've been hit recently. Because our max endurance charges is 3, we either need to increase our minimum or decrease our maximum number of endurance charges so we can cast a warcry from our shield, for free, every second.

Lucky there is a craft for jewelry that allows you to increase your minimum endurance charge count. However, it's quite unreliable to have a majority of your damage be based off of being hit recently if you can't personally control it.

However, if you don't have the money to get +1 minimum endurance charges on your rings but still want to run the build, you will need one of these and need to allocated "Disciple of the Unyielding". This is explained later but for now, these set the conditions to have a warcry activate every second.
IMPORTANT NOTE: If you run TWO Fragility jewels, making your maximum endurance charges ONE (1), this causes a bug for two warcries to be activated at the same time when you reach max charges. This is very bad for us. DO NOT USE TWO Fragility JEWELS.

Which is where our boy Gluttony comes into play. It has a handful of funky effects but the most important is "Take X physical damage everytime you use a movement skill." This counts as being hit, which enables our Enduring Composure setup, allowing for a reliable way to trigger our shield's warcries all of the time.

Since we're casting a warcry every second, it is imperative that our warcry cooldowns inside the shield are 3s each. Rallying Cry does not have CDR quality on it, unlike Intimidating Cry and Seismic Cry, so we have to get almost every warcry CDR node on the tree to be able to make it a 3s CD.

How we get 90% uptime on berserk

Cry Wolf provides a small damage boost to exerted attacks but, more importantly, makes all warcries have a minimum power, which is extremely powerful for us because of our ascendancy "War Bringer".

Since we have a minimum power of 10, this means every time a warcry goes off and we are under 25 rage we will be recouping 20 rage (50 rage if we are fighting a boss because the power of our warcries will instead be 25).
As our rage depletes more often, our automatic warcries will be giving us rage back. While mapping, you will probably have 70-80% uptime on Berserk, but against bosses you will most definitely have Berserk up 90% of the time as long as you dash once every 4 seconds.

Why are you using MACES instead of AXES?
The reason is two fold. A, the average attack speed of a mace is much slower, meaning it is far more likely to get a high pDPS mace with low attack speed than an axe. B, most axe nodes have attack speed slapped onto them, reducing our overall DPS as we barely have room for attack speed as is. We get 75% inc from Rage and another 50% from the tree and we're at 2.03 APS. Simply picking up Art of the Gladiator, a very nice node for many reasons, nets us -1% DPS simply because of the +10% attack speed.

Gear choices explained/what you're looking for on gear

These two are meant to be ran together or not at all. Blunderbore provides the Lesser Brutal and Lesser Massive shrine buff effects. Combined with The Gull this will provide: 25% increased character size, 50% increased damage, 50% increased life, 50% increased area of effect, and 50% increased stun duration. Character size might not mean much to some, but it's the only reason why I'm running this combo. If you like being REALLY big, this is a must as we can achieve 50% increased character size (which equates to double height) when we have beserk up (which we have up 90% of the time).

This can be replaced with a solid, slow, high pDPS mace. Callinellus Malleus is an extremely accessible mace with decent pDPS and a TON of reduced enemy threshold. Finding a high pDPS mace with a total of 40% reduced enemy stun threshold and no attack speed is extremely difficult. Even if you don't change to a rare weapon, you can still stun any enemy you encounter. I would've uploaded my Uber Atziri fight if it were possible to do on this build (the reflect kills us, can't drop rings for reduced reflect), but I managed to stun her when I eventually could hit.

Offering to the Serpent is a generically good pair of gloves and is extremely easy to slot into many builds. Implicits can range from many mods, including resistances, stats, damage, and even charges, but the main draw of the item is the overleech. If you're unaware of how leech normally works, if you reach maximum life, all the leech you've accumulated completely vanishes. With Offering to the Serpent, you can squeeze out an extra 15% life per second if your build leeches.

For your amulet, you're looking for a LOT of strength. The roll on your chest will change how much you need. In my current setup, if I had a +500-550 strength roll instead of an almost +600 roll, I could totally drop this amulet. Jewels with Life, +Strength, +Stun Duration are extremely cheap and easy to buy. Stun Duration can be swapped with a damage mod, but avoid attack speed mods at all cost (reason in the "Why are you using MACES instead of AXES?" section).

All 3 of these are all basically the same (minus the rings) where you're basically looking for life, MS for boots, and a lot of resistance. Rings you want an empty suffix to get +1 minimum endurance charges so you can drop Fragility if you're using one.

Forbidden Taste is an extremely undervalued flask and is a free, on-demand, full heal. Don't spam a Seething Divine Flask 3 times and hope to recover, use this flask instead. The downside is entirely mitigated by the fact we overleech well over the damage it does at us and that chaos resistance is relatively easy to get with our build.

Phasing, 10% spell/attack dodge.

Movement speed.

Replaced with a Sulphur after you get "Lead by Example" on your medium cluster.

Massive Phys DR for maps.

Gluttony is explained in the "Build Concept" section of the thread. Check it out if you haven't already.

The Eternal Apple is explained in the "Build Concept" section of the thread. Check it out if you haven't already.

The bare MINIMUM to get the build functional

In addition to this, you will also need to allocate "Disciple of the Unyielding" in order to get a minimum endurance charge. This will gimp you quite a bit as you need to allocate 6 passive points just to get to it, but the build will be functional.

WIP, will update later.

Gem links

6 Link: Earthshatter - Impale - Fortify - Melee Physical Damage - Pulverise - Brutality
Link explanation
It has the highest DPS potential. Fist of War is preferable for fights that you are spending more time dodging than attacking. In which case, drop Melee Physical Damage for it.

Recommended alt qualities
Divergent Pulverise. Gives us an additional 10% less attack speed and more damage. It is only a DPS increase for us and is definitely high priority to pick up.

Divergent Earthshatter. This is better exclusively for mapping as the spikes will go farther out and have better coverage. This is strictly a dps decrease for bossing, however.

Divergent Fortify, Divergent Melee Physical Damage, Divergent Brutality. Each provide "Overwhelm 5% Physical Damage Reduction" which is a huge boost to high-end bosses.

1st 4 Link: Cast When Damage Taken (lvl 1) - Punishment (lvl 5) - Immortal Call (lvl 2) - Summon Chaos Golem (lvl 2)
Recommended alt qualities
Anomalous Cast When Damage Taken. Provides an additional 20% skill effect duration for our Immortal Call and Punishment.

Anomalous Immortal Call. Provides 20% Cooldown Reduction for Immortal Call, allowing it to activate more frequently.

2nd 4 Link: Enduring Cry - Berserk - Dash - Second Wind
Link Explanation
Enduring Cry, Dash, and Berserk all greatly benefit from being link with Second Wind. Enduring Cry gets an additional use + cooldown reduction, allowing you to pop it twice in a row in clutch moments.
Dash gets an additional use (minimal benefit) and cooldown reduction which allows you to use it more frequently.
Berserk, as it's an instant skill, only gets the cooldown reduction. Normally, you can slot this anywhere and it would be fine, but you want it in this link setup. Reducing the cooldown of Berserk allows us to use it more frequently, meaning we have a higher uptime on it. Without it being in the Second Wind link setup, we will only have roughly 80% uptime on bosses, and even less for mapping.

Recommended alt qualities
Anomalous Berserk. 10% cooldown reduction is massive and allows us to use it even more frequently. Check the "Link Explanation" section for more info why.

Note: this 3rd 4 Link does not have to all be linked, minus the Flesh and Stone and Maim setup.
3rd 4 Link: Flesh and Stone - Maim - Dread Banner - Blood and Sand
Link Explanation
This is basically the most efficient use of our sockets for reserving mana to increase our damage. Pride is an extremely powerful aura but is socket inefficient as it typically requires an Enlighten in conjunction.

Recommended alt qualities
Divergent Blood and Sand. It's a small AoE and damage boost.

3 Link: Herald of Purity - Multiple Totems - Vaal Ancestral Warchief
Link Explanation
Herald is more damage. Warchief is also more damage. Multiple Totems makes it far less likely that our Warchiefs die.

Recommended alt qualities
None provide any amount of additional support to the build.

The Eternal Apple sockets (no links required): Rallying Cry - Intimidating Cry - Seismic Cry
Link Explanation
There really isn't a whole lot to say here other than: gem levels mean nothing for warcries and we can't make use of the quality for our warcries. The reason why levels mean nothing is that the only thing that scales with these warcries as they level is the Warcry Speed, which we don't use. The quality for Intimidating and Seismic are cooldown reduction but we're on a strict 1s activation time for our warcries, which means we only care about their cooldowns being a minimum of 3s long.

Recommended alt qualities
Phantasmal Seismic Cry. It's 10% increased damage for exerted attacks, which is solid.

Phantasmal Intimidating Cry. Also 10% increased damage for exerted attacks.

Divergent Intimidating Cry. This is only really helpful against high-end bosses that actually have physical damage reduction (Sirus and friends).

Phantasmal Rallying Cry. Coincidentally, this also has 10% increased damage for exerted attacks.

WIP POB link - https://pastebin.com/YtPpQEvF
Subject to change as I continue to level. If the link doesn't work and says it was deleted, please let me know.

What to look for in your Lethal Pride jewel
If you're unaware of how Lethal Pride works, it provides 2/4 str based on the node allocated and then a random bonus for notables. These bonuses are generated based on the number on the jewel. You're looking for:
4% increased life
1% life regenerated per second
10% increased effect of Fortify
5% of physical damage taken as fire

Double damage mods are actually very inefficient for us because half of our attacks are already benefiting from double damage thanks to Intimidating Cry. They're not necessarily bad mods.
You're almost exclusively looking for Phys taken as Fire and Fortify Effect, but the other two mods are decent supporting mods. I'm currently using a 40% increased effect of fortify that I found on the market for 4 ex which means I'm currently at 46% less damage taken. However, the phys taken as fire is generically better as it's what we're really taking damage from.

Stun Mechanics
Originally when I was making this build, I kept throwing shit at it and wanted to see if it worked, stuns being one of them. Normally, stuns are extremely bad and require a lot of investment simply to get working. In light of that, I decided to do it anyways.
There's two things to know about stuns: there's a maximum number of times an enemy can be stunned, and the reduced enemy stun threshold effectively reduces the amount of damage you have to do to stun the enemy (of course).

How the max stuns work basically is that while you're between 0-75% reduced enemy stun threshold, you can get 2-8 stuns for any one enemy, getting more stuns as you gather more stun threshold reduction. However, once you get past 75%, the amount of stuns you get scales linearly, getting another additional stun every 3.125% stun threshold reduction.

Now, the effective life pool against stuns is influenced by reduced enemy stun threshold. How this works is that if we have 10% reduced enemy stun threshold and the enemy has 1000 health, their effective health pool against our stuns is 900 instead. This means their threshold for being stunned goes from 100 damage to 90 (10% of max life required to stun).

With the Callinellus Malleus and with a unique enemy nearby, we will have 95% reduced enemy stun threshold, meaning EVERYTHING IN THE GAME will be stunned from our hits, no questions asked (including Sirus, Elder, Shaper, Guardians, and Izaro) and we will be able to stun anything in the game 14 times before they become immune to stuns altogether.

Of course, there's a caveat to this otherwise everyone would be doing it: Stun Duration, and Stun Immunity mechanics for bosses.
First, lets talk about the stun immunity mechanics. Any unique boss has this where once they're stunned, they're immune to further stuns until the whole stun is finished (good) but cannot be stunned again for another 4 seconds (bad). This means that no matter what we will have to at least deal with SOME of their mechanics, but can greatly reduce their active state if we can get enough stun duration.

Now for stun duration. Baseline, your stun duration is 0.35s (350 ms), which is exceptionally low. If we were to run with our current stun threshold reduction of 95% without any stun duration, the boss will only be stunned for 8% of the fight. At that point, there's no reason to even do stuns unless you're scaling the duration.
There are two things we aim for: stun duration and double stun duration. These are self explanatory BUT I'd like to show the math and why we end up killing difficult bosses so easily. In our build, we have 100% increased stun duration and can achieve 70% double stun duration if we run Warlord's Mark for bosses. This means that, on average, our stun duration goes from 0.35s to 1.19s, which equates to 23% of the fight the boss is stunned.

This might not sound like much, but against Sirus, every time he phases you can wait for him to start casting something and instantly stun him out of the attack. Sirus takes quite a bit of time idling between attacks, which means that fairly often you are stunning him out of his big attacks (including his meteor!), making Sirus effectively permastunned.

The idea while leveling is to use the best melee skills until you have Call to Arms to detonate your Earthshatter spikes. I've compiled a POB for this in an attempt to make leveling a bit smoother for those inexperienced.

POB https://pastebin.com/WqhTQKsS

Do note that you will have to spend a few regrets but this will definitely help you through the hardest parts of the leveling process. The tree linked has a list of leveling trees, skills, and armor sets to help you understand what you will need for the smoothest leveling experience. Of course, some of these are pricier and unnecessary (seven-league step) but the rest should be reasonably cheap.

After Act 4, you will want to use the vendor recipe to get high pDPS 2H axes until you are high enough level to use the Eternal Apple and Callinellus Malleus.

Additionally, it is VERY possible to level with Facebreakers as well. Simply follow the POB and swap to Facebreakers at 16. At 30, you can equip a Warden's Brand to get a significant amount of damage and should hard carry you.

Q: Bruh, 2.0 attacks per second. Why would we do this?
A: We want to be exerting attacks always, so we need to have our APS line up with our maximum exerted attacks from a warcry (which is Rallying Cry at 6 exerts), meaning more than 2.0 APS is a DPS loss as we're losing 50% more damage from our ascendancy.

Q: The POB says the build is doing 1.6m dps?? Buildsux
A: It calculates only the initial hit and none of the spikes. We explode 10 spikes a second, giving us 2.7M dps, not including impale DPS. Total DPS is roughly 5M.

Q: Do I really need The Gull and Blunderbore?
A: No but me want big man hit hard

Q: I don't like Earthshatter, can I use something else?
A: Probably, but it's going to be a DPS loss. Earthshatter builds typically never explode all their spikes constantly like we do, meaning we have a distinct advantage damage-wise. Our coverage from the spikes is absurd and actually covers the screen. On a boss fight, each spike actually hits the boss when they explode.

Q: I'm having a weird bug where I have two warcries cast at the same time when my Enduring Composure is active, why is this?
A: You are running two Fragility jewels. There's a bug where if you gain an endurance charge and your maximum endurance is 1, it activates the shield twice. This is technically good if we can reduce the CD of our warcries to 1.5s but we can't, which results in it being a colossal DPS loss.

Q: Where are the videos at?
A: In my original thread. The speed/damage has barely changed and I haven't had a chance to upload anything worthwhile for this build.

Q: "Is it possible to league-start this build in SSF?"
A: Simple answer is "no".
What I ended up doing was playing as an EQ jugg and just played the game until I got an Eternal Apple (which I didn't) and would use a make-shift setup to trigger the Eternal Apple like we do in this build with Gluttony.

Q: How about league-starting in trade?
A: It's in the same boat as SSF where you will end up playing EQ jugg until you can get an Eternal Apple and Gluttony to reliably activate your warcries. While possible, it will be an experience of respeccing, regearing, and slowly working your way to the full build.

If you'd like to see how the build performed LAST league with solid gear (nothing too ridiculous) check out the videos in that post.

So far I've gotten to late yellows and I've yet to hit a slowdown. The previous iteration of this build didn't hit a slowdown until Sirus 8, so we'll see how it looks after we get to him.

Update 10/22: I've basically ignored uploading any videos for the build because it's a combination of laziness and having to wait for hours on end to get something out there. I've done A5/6/7 Sirus deathless and prevented him from doing most of his attacks.
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Not sure I understood everything that was going on here, but this is brilliant, thanks for sharing :-)
Hey there, I dropped an Eternal Apple with +2 warcry and % max life, looked up a build and found yours!

Just a question, I see that you have a Mark of Submission on PoB, what do you socket it with, if you even use it?
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nouajdou wrote:
Hey there, I dropped an Eternal Apple with +2 warcry and % max life, looked up a build and found yours!

Just a question, I see that you have a Mark of Submission on PoB, what do you socket it with, if you even use it?

Hey, thanks for reminding me: that's an old version of the POB.

Originally, I had the idea to use Mark of Submission to curse on hit Punishment to get constant explosions, but found out we can just run it in a lvl 1 CWDT setup and it would be infinitely better.

Here's my current character + gear: https://pastebin.com/YtPpQEvF

The build works totally fine up until late red maps with a 5L. Around T13 you'll feel your damage fall off some, but the 6L blunderbore will do wonders. If you're wondering: the crab mace is specifically for stunning any enemy in the game as it gives a ton of reduced threshold. A rare gavel with reduced threshold and good phys rolls is a better alternative if you have the money.
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The PoB link is currently a 404 error :P. Looking forward to trying this build out soon tho ^^
Jigo wrote:
The PoB link is currently a 404 error :P. Looking forward to trying this build out soon tho ^^

Sorry about that. Apparently pastebin is automatically burning POB code pastebins automatically right now.

Here is the WORKING pastebin, double checked to make sure it still worked this time. https://pastebin.com/YtPpQEvF
Deth_Meth wrote:
Here is the WORKING pastebin, double checked to make sure it still worked this time. https://pastebin.com/YtPpQEvF

Oh wow, that was fast, haha. Cheers!
Now this looks like a lot of fun! I just so happened to have the Blunderbore so let's see how this goes.

Are there any alternate quality gems that work nicely with this build?

Woops! I must have missed it in the OP. I see it now.. :)

Thanks so much for sharing your build!
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Pracis wrote:
Now this looks like a lot of fun! I just so happened to have the Blunderbore so let's see how this goes.

Are there any alternate quality gems that work nicely with this build?

Woops! I must have missed it in the OP. I see it now.. :)

Thanks so much for sharing your build!

Awesome to hear you got one yourself, it's a pretty fun item despite how generically good it is.

I spent a couple hours last night adding gem link information and gear choice information to the thread, so I'm glad it's already paying off!

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