[3.11] The Eternal Warcry - Eternal Apple Build - Kill bosses and crush maps quickly and easily

Nerfs from last league
-Divine Flesh was OP and got nerfed. Using a Loreweave as a replacement is suitable, but not nearly as powerful.
-Enduring Cry is 8s instead of 6. In this build post-nerf it's on a 2.73s CD, which means the nerf is insignificant as we use it defensively anyways.

If you want to run this build, I'd recommend either checking out my new thread using the Eternal Apple as well or running a Loreweave in replacement for the chest and dropping Divine Flesh in favor for more efficient jewel sockets or life.

+Solid clearspeed (instantly clear the screen despite being melee)
+Roughly 80% uptime on berserk, longer during a fight
+Solid survivability (Constant 30% phys mitigation [disregarding armour], 80% effective ele res, 85% chaos, 25% less damage from fortify [normally 20%])
=Average boss killing (Roughly 4 mil shaper dps)
-Cheap to start but requires expensive items for higher level content
-Not an unkillable AFK tank
-Have to spend 1 regret everytime you do a big boy boss (remove Impaler keystone)

Build Concept

The all-star (Required Item)

Quick run-down: Every time we lose an endurance charge, the shield's effect will activate and cast a socketed warcry. Additionally, whenever you reach your maximum endurance charges you will lose all endurance charges.

(Required Item)

Enduring Composure: Gain an endurance charge every second if you've been hit recently.
Combining this effect with The Eternal Apple, we will be able to generate endurance charges freely as long as we've been hit recently. Because our max endurance charges is 3, we either need to increase our minimum or decrease our maximum number of endurance charges so we can cast a warcry from our shield, for free, every second.

Lucky there is a craft for jewelry that allows you to increase your minimum endurance charge count. However, it's quite unreliable to have a majority of your damage be based off of being hit recently if you can't personally control it.

However, if you don't have the money to get +1 minimum endurance charges on your rings but still want to run the build, you will need two of these (until you allocate Disciple of the Unyielding). This is explained later but for now, these set the conditions to have a warcry activate every second.

Which is where our boy Gluttony comes into play. It has a handful of funky effects but the most important is "Take X physical damage everytime you use a movement skill." This counts as being hit, which enables our Enduring Composure setup, allowing for a reliable way to trigger our shield's warcries all of the time.

Since we're casting a warcry every second, it is imperative that our warcry cooldowns inside the shield are 3s each. Rallying Cry does not have CDR quality on it, unlike Intimidating Cry and Seismic Cry, so we have to get almost every warcry CDR node on the tree to be able to make it a 3s CD.

Current Gear

Alternate Belt swap



Glorious Vanity surprisingly gives me 25% chaos res on tree, making gearing a bit easier but still entirely feasible to hit 85% chaos without it.

Gear Explaination

Both of these items share the same purpose: mitigate as much phys damage as possible. I won't get into how to craft them as they're relatively easy to create (ignoring the +1 supports on the chest) but these two pieces are meant to make use significantly tankier.

These gloves were introduced this league and seem to have gone under the radar for most people. How they work is when an enemy dies, they will deal their stored up impale damage to all nearby enemies 50% of the time. If they have 1 impale on them, then they explode for 10% of the damage that was dealt to them.

However, we run the Impaler specifically for mapping. This makes it where when we impale something, they get 5 impales instead, allowing for a chain reaction of impale kills while mapping. These gloves MASSIVELY increase our clearspeed and allow us to absolutely stomp maps super quickly.

Just like with the gloves, I feel like this item goes under the radar pretty often. The gimmick is that it will full heal you at the cost of dealing 8% chaos damage over 4 seconds and is the only flask (that I know of) that doesn't want quality because the degen scales with duration. If you have the suffixes available on your build, even if you get to 50% chaos resistance, taking 4% of your life a second for a lifesaver is priceless.

If I haven't sold you on the idea of this flask yet, lets do a comparison. A standard 20% quality seething Divine flask will heal you instantly for 979 life without any flask effect nodes on tree. If we have 6k life, each use of this flask is roughly 1/6 of our max life. If we mash the shit out of this flask when we're low, we're only healing for half of our HP. Sometimes, this isn't enough to keep you alive and you die despite your efforts. Why run an inferior life flask when you can get two full heals for the same slot?

Also enchanting this with flask charges is a really good idea :)
Also using Lion's Roar is excessive overkill for bossing/mapping. Don't rely on it.

I mentioned this in the build concept portion of this thread. These two things were what I used all the way up to 95, before I finally hit +1 minimum endurance charges for rings/ammy. This setup is the most budget friendly option and reduces your maximum endurance charge count to two and your minimum endurance charge count to one, enabling the build to function as normal.

This is how you should setup your thread of hope (medium ring). You can get Versatile Stance if you want but I found it to feel clunky when going from the map to the map boss with the attack speed buff.

Disciple of the Slaughter is a really good way to get some free damage and helps sustain your frenzy charges while mapping.

Ribcage Crusher seems like a good choice at first glance but it gives us 6% attack speed, which could make or break our projected 2.0 APS. Use at your own risk.

Glorious Vanity, Devoted to Xibaqua, is an extremely powerful tool for mitigating elemental damage with the Divine Flesh keystone. It increased our maximum chaos resistance to 85% and 50% of the elemental damage we take (not just from hits) is as chaos.

Assuming we are at 75% for each elemental resistance and our chaos resistance is 85%, this gives us an effective 80% resistance to each element, a 20% damage reduction to all elemental damage taken! The math is simple. Add both max resistances together and then divide by two, generating the mean value between the resistances (which is 80%).

Additionally, this makes getting any amount of maximum elemental resistance half as valuable because of this calculation. Something like Soul of Steel, Loreweave, or Crystal Skin becomes far less valuable because of this. The damage taken variable between an effective 80% ele res to 80.5% is 1/20, a 5% less elemental damage taken modifier. This might sound nice until you consider the amount of investment it takes to get even a single one of those nodes (or what we lose by using Loreweave.)

POB Pastebin

Optimal Damage setup explanation
Our damage heavily relies on a handful of things
Warbringer. This has a handful of effects so I'll go over each of them.

Everytime we warcry, if we are above 25 rage, we will sacrifice 10. If we are below 25 and we warcry, we will gain 10 rage per 5 power of the warcry. This means we will be floating around 20-40 rage for the majority of our mapping/bossing.

If we've sacrificed rage by warcrying recently, our exerted attacks get a 50% more damage.

Because of the secondary effect giving us an effective 50% more damage multiplier, we can manipulate our attack speed to never exceed more than 6 attacks inbetween the cooldown cycle (CDC) of our Rallying Warcry (which exerts our next 6 attacks). Because the CDC of our shield forces us to have at least a 3s CD on all of our warcries, we need a slow weapon.

If I'm honest, this isn't the optimal setup. For some reason, my single rogue brain cell game me the grand idea of synthesizing a mod because of a "bro what if" thought I had...

Anyways, you will need a weapon with with 1.3 APS or lower otherwise you'll start to lose DPS. Realistically, you just need the weapon to hit hard. There was a 380 pdps gavel I found that did more smashy bonk than mine does in my own build, and my gavel is 440 pdps.

If you're struggling to find a rare weapon that has a lot of pure hurty crunch with a slow attack speed, I would recommend a high rolled Breath of the Council or Callinellus Malleus. They don't have fantastic damage but are pretty cheap and will serve for doing any kind of content besides non-map bossing.

Gearing Alternatives
I geared up this build while completing my atlas at the start of the league. It took me quite some time to go from dirt poor to maximum power giga-chad, but the super nutty gear you see on my character isn't even required for the end-game. I had done a Sirus 5 and 6 with only that crusader helmet while the rest was just res gear.

Small Cluster Jewel (Life): Fettle is clearly the best in slot option, but really any notable is good. If you don't have phys leeched as life on a rare jewel, you need Feast of Flesh in order to be able to leech at all.

Large Cluster Jewel: I'm not sure how expensive these are supposed to be, but I would recommend just getting fuel the fight + any other two notables. You can also craft one where you get fuel the fight + another notable and aug attack on it to get 3 notables. This saves a couple points if the other prefix notable is actually good.

Helmet/Body: Basic high life rares can cover you here, but try and craft that helmet asap. It provides quite a bit of DR. If you want to level with Gluttony, you're going to need phys mitigation somewhere since armour means literally nothing once it's on.
If you're below 90, you can run a Deidbellow to get some more clearspeed but once you stop 1 shotting rares while flying through the map, swap out of it.

Amulet: This is a bit tricky since it's heavily reliant on what other gear you are using. Ideally, this shores up all the attribute needs your character desires while also giving you some life. If you have one, an Astramentis will do fine for some time.

Gear Progression
Note: If you don't have the Glorious Vanity, devoted to Xibaqua, timeless jewel, there is no reason to spend 4 passive points to get that jewel socket OR the Agnostic keystone.
Additionally, you will have to anoint a mana leech node on tree, get a rare jewel with mana leech, or use a mana flask with "Flask effect does not end at maximum mana".

League Starting: I didn't exactly league start this build, but my current thoughts are to basically go 2H until you have an enduring composure small cluster, a decent 1H, the eternal apple, and 2 Fragility unique jewels.

Starting with roughly 30c: This is enough to easily start the build, even early in the league. All you need is: The Eternal Apple, two Fragilities (to reduce your max endurance charge count to 1), a decent 1h mace/axe (Gavel/Royal Axe, ideally), and the Enduring Composure notable on an Armour Small Cluster Jewel.


Now that you have the bare minimum items to play the build, lets look at upgrades.
Gloves: The Great Old One's Tentacles (Clearspeed increase)
Belt: Gluttony (Clearspeed increase via a consistent warcry uptime)
Amulet: Astramentis/High attributes amulet (To be able to wear gear freely)

These items in particular are key upgrade points that considerably help increase your clearspeed. The downside to these upgrades is that you'll have to get better rares in the process to shore up your elemental resistances. Reasons for why we want these pieces of gear are explained in far greater detail in the "Gear Explanation" section if you're looking for more answers.


Once you've acquired Gluttony, The Tentacles, and enough attributes on your neck to be able to equip all of our gems/armour, now is the time for some more specific upgrades to transition into the mid-tier version of this build.

Rares in general: Aim to have life, double ele resist + chaos. Crafted chaos is totally fine.
Technique for searching for cheaper items
For this case in particular, I search for items with a particular query.
Stat Group 1: And (this basically means the item has to have ALL of these properties)
First filter: X minimum maximum life (not pseudo. Pseudo can include implicits/other modifiers that add to this stat)
Second filter: Two resistances you are aiming for (again, not pseudo. Some implicits will add to these resistances. Generally I look for 30+ on each resistance.

>Stat group 2: Count = 1 (this means the item will have to have at least one of however modifiers you have in this query)
First filter: Crafted suffix modifiers = 1
Second filter: Empty Suffix modifiers = 1
Third filter: Chaos resistance = 20 (type into minimum field)
What we're doing here is to find a

>Stat group 3: Not (This means we exclude all anything we put into this group specifically)
I highly recommend putting the two resistances you were looking for in the first stat group into this field, along with the life roll. If you are looking for, lets say 30 cold and lightning resistance, you would do it like this
First filter: (Crafted) #% to Cold Resistance
Second filter: Crafted) #% to Lightning Resistance
Third filter: (Crafted) to Maximum life

>[Ring Specific] Stat group 4: Count = 1 (this means the item will have to have at least one of however modifiers you have in this query)
For rings, you'll have to search for each type of implicit modifier. It's quicker if you type "(Implicit) " into the stat filter instead of having to scroll through each one. This allows you to find rings with double resistances AND resistances on the implicit.

This generally filters out a lot of garbage that isn't very flexible and generally gives you better items. Sometimes, you will have to pay a bit more but, in general, this will save you a lot of headache.

You also might want to upgrade your weapon if you feel your damage is too low. It depends on how much of a budget weapon you went with.

Depending on what level you are, you might be getting close to totally filling out the tree. Roughly, at this point, you should look to get some cluster jewels. I would recommend going for the Cry Wolf/Lead by Example medium cluster first. This enables you to be able to maintain your Berserk for a ridiculously long time as you don't need enemies near you to get the rage from Warbringer.


At this point, you should aim for maximum chaos resistance and save up for a Glorious Vanity. If you're experiencing some damage problems, now might be a good time to get an upgrade. People typically don't want slow weapons so it shouldn't be terribly expensive to get something ridiculous at this point.

Jewel: Glorious Vanity, Devoted to Xibaqua. You want to place this next to where the Agnostic Keystone is located. I have an explanation for how this functions and why we run it in the "Gear Explanation" section.

Not finished writing this, but upgrades at this point are influenced items that mitigate phys damage by pointing some of it to a resistance (Phys damage from hits taken as X).

Quick T16 maps

Pit of the Chimera: https://youtu.be/bshEhJKKdcg
Forge of the Phoenix: chickie nuggie guy uninstalled life
Drox, the Warlord: https://youtu.be/bZKkaBQok6k
Al-Hezmin, the Hunter: he ded
i83 Eternal Lab (Commentary because lab is boring): https://youtu.be/EiNYuHjRKDQ
Singular Death A8 Sirus (because I'm bad): yeah i did this again, not uploading because i'm insecure
Shaper except I facetank mechanics to make it seem like my build is better than it actually is: https://youtu.be/nGBA3GZc4ZE

Planned videos
-Uber Elder

Mapping: For the most part, all you need to do is earthshatter once and keep going. Gluttony will automatically pop your spikes and tentacles will help finish clearing mobs farther out. Enduring Cry between packs if there's porcupines.

Bossing: Swap off of Gluttony if you don't have a lot of phys mitigation. Minotaur/Argus do enough phys damage to warrant taking it off no questions asked. Attempt to use Enduring Cry over your Forbidden Taste as it's usually enough to keep you out of harm's way.

Testing other apple builds so you don't have to
There's a couple other apple builds that I'd like to compare this one to so you are aware of your options.

Axe Impale Crit: https://pastebin.com/MVaiQtYD
This build is similar to this build except it's optimized exclusively for clearspeed. It yields very little defense and aims to kill bosses before they have a chance to actually damage him. The high end for gear is far more than this build as scaling crit is a lot more expensive in general.

Not Quinn's Strength Stacking Chieftain: https://pastebin.com/UBWz0G1a
This isn't a berserker build, so there's obviously going to be a clearspeed difference, but this build aims to do as much damage as possible while also trying to tank up a bit. Unfortunately, there really isn't a whole lot of defensive layers in this build and aims to kill the enemy before it kills them. I ran i83 lab 3 times with this build and couldn't get through it, unlike with Quinn's strength stacking build. For the investment, it's not a terrible build, but the scalability is far too expensive for what you get in return.

Quinn's Strength Stacking Chieftain: https://pastebin.com/iMTsFwpC
This was build for HC and is probably very solid there. In comparison to the other strength stacking build, the damage is pitifully low. Even adjusting for a proper config (which I did), the damage is still half of this builds. The clearspeed is bad, the damage is bad, but the survivability is actually really good. I wouldn't recommend it as the gear required is on par with the Axe Impale Crit build.

Doryani's Fist/Prototype Apple Build: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2889338
This build is actually where my idea for even using the apple began. I think this is a really cool concept and actually tanks up really well. It has some problems but felt pretty good when I played it initially. I haven't had a go at it since the start of the league, but it was extremely powerful for how little I had to invest initially.

8/11/20 - For the rest of this league, I'll be playing another build before taking a break until next league. I'll still occasionally answer questions here, but updates will not come again until 3.12 (assuming they don't butcher the build). I've cleared all content except Uber Atziri because of the reflect and our AoE is fucking massive so it's basically unavoidable and is easily versatile. This was an extremely fun build to play and construct.

Discord filled with build diaries for builds I've played in the past.
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Hey, its sounds really nice, i DONT like it to cast 2 - 3 Warcrys all the time manualy. Would be nice to see a good t16 clear Video or a Boss Fight, thanks.
Last edited by Wudy on Jul 24, 2020, 2:38:11 AM
Wudy wrote:
Hey, its sounds really nice, i DONT like it to cast 2 - 3 Warcrys all the time manualy. Would be nice to see a good t16 clear Video or a Boss Fight, thanks.

The 3 warcries in the shield (Intimidating, Seismic, Rallying) are cast automatically and do not interfere with how your character acts. The only warcry you will ever manually cast is Enduring for defensive purposes. This is explained in the "Build Concept" section.

A video of me running a t16 dig map in under 2 minutes should be available by tomorrow morning. A8 Conquerors, A8 Sirus, and i83 Eternal Lab will be things I upload over the course of the coming days as it takes several hours for me to upload anything.
Hey! I'm currently doing a similar build: Berserker using Gluttony, Enduring Composure, and currently 2 Fragility jewels to proc warcries socketed in Eternal Apple.

However my Eternal Apple procs 2 warcries (almost) simultaneously, then the 3rd one, which means I am not procing 1 warcry per second. As if my Enduring composure was generating 2 Endurance charges in quick succession - this is despite the fact that i am not using Enduring Cry, thus the only source of Endurance charge generation should be my Enduring composure.

Have you encountered this issue? Did you have to do something specific to make sure that only 1 warcry procs per second? Thanks!
bodlot wrote:
Hey! I'm currently doing a similar build: Berserker using Gluttony, Enduring Composure, and currently 2 Fragility jewels to proc warcries socketed in Eternal Apple.

However my Eternal Apple procs 2 warcries (almost) simultaneously, then the 3rd one, which means I am not procing 1 warcry per second. As if my Enduring composure was generating 2 Endurance charges in quick succession - this is despite the fact that i am not using Enduring Cry, thus the only source of Endurance charge generation should be my Enduring composure.

Have you encountered this issue? Did you have to do something specific to make sure that only 1 warcry procs per second? Thanks!

You actually are running Enduring Cry, in your Apple. When it activates, it will always generate at least 1 endurance charge. Therefore, it will activate another warcry immediately.

I advise against not running Enduring Cry in your shield for two main reasons:
1 - The life regen is extremely variable and will only be up 1/3 of the time. Most of the time, it will make literally no difference to your gameplay.
2 - You can't make full use of the fact you can proc 3 warcries over two seconds automatically since the minimum CD you can get on your warcries (without CDR rares) is 2.89 seconds (I think). If you could get the cooldown to 2 seconds, running Enduring in one of your three sockets actually would be a DPS boost because it would mean you can exert X attacks over 2 seconds instead of 3, which is a massive DPS boost.

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