3.12.2 Hotfix 5

so when is next fix? i get massive lag and random crashes. Did heist and had extremely good loot, then the lockpicking NPC gets stuck and refuses to open door, then the game crashes and sends me to desktop (no error report)...tried standard with super fast character and no lag/problems. Please fix, i might just wait it out till its fixed which is a shame cause other than the performance issues i really like heists and loot etc, shame :(
Why not make a simple change where you don't lose your loot due to crashes until you fix this issue? Log in, spend currency rolling a heist, play a minute into heist into a client crash.

And speaking of rolling heists, there are some stupid contradictions that can roll on one heist:

Lockdown time increased by 20%
Lockdown occurs IMMEDIATELY

That's like rolling a map that has:

Players have 20% increased damage
Monsters immune to damage
plx fix crashes when you kill hexproof enemie while self curse temporal chains hh. i spend 100 ex on build and cant run any map. thats so sad for me.
Not able to do the content anymore... before it was a low chance to crash after lockdown in heist... now its crashing 2/3 times when im inside, not even at lockdown (yes, portal and contract are gone)
Huge lags and I was kicked out of Uber lab, fortunately before I got killed. that's a dangerous place.

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