3.12.2 Hotfix 5

this last patch MAY have bugged the league happened to me and 2 others
see this thread i opened on bug report for reference!

Crashed almost instantly when I started playing. Basically never had any crashes before this league either. Something is very wrong with the game RN.
Thank you
Lost my SSF char to a crash yesterday -- in a warlord map. Was completely safe before the crash. Quite sad.
Hiestcrush league
none of the old leagues did it crash like that, not even in syndicate and metamorph
UserAreaHeistMansion6Seed2436933601Buildrelease tags/3.12.2OSBits64
How to fix this issue i have getting it every day doing download every day "could not start the patched client (-1) https://prnt.sc/uodusr
Not too sure exactly when this was pushed out but as of today I'm having big issues with some instances having crazy packet loss. No Lockstep, just odd input lag. Only happens with PoE, happens on every realm I try.
Crashing a LOT in basically ANY heist (not grand), 4 in a row.

Tried switching engine to vulkan (and it still does NOT play well with SLI PC rigs).

Normal 'act 6' stuff just fine, can play for 2 hrs no crashes, go into a heist, and 5m in crash to desktop.. something is pretty wrong here.

Addendum: system specs
32GB mem
win 10 64 bit enterprise all patches
poe via steam all patches, running dx 11
3 x Titan-X in sli
alienware area 51 r2 (all patches/firmware)
Gigabit internet smooth and not an issue ping times around 12ms to game servers

Addendum #2: note that vulkan and nvidia sli on titans do NOT play well together, artifacts ALL over the screen, I have not tried to 'break sli' and run vulkan on a single card (for poe)

Final Addendum (#3): using nvidia control panel and setting game to run on only one gpu appears to have fixed heist issues, bug report filed https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2952348
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Game is basically unplayable for me now. Vulkan keeps crashing and DX11 makes my computer sit at like 99% utilisation and also occasionally crashes.

This is normal campaign/maps BTW, haven’t even touched Heist in some time.
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So what about my bugged paradoxica with 150pdps and without double damage?

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