3.12.2 Hotfix 5

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Master Crafting Service in Heist HSC craft PM: TreeOfDead

for all of the crashes :)
for promoting exploiting & infinite 6-links on day 1 :)
for this great, awesome mechanic that I can't get enough of: opening doors :)
for ruining my 5/5 grand heists :)
for releasing the greatest league PoE has ever seen :)
for all the bugs I've ran into along the way :D
for allowing me to take part in beta testing PoE: Heist :D
for replacing bugs with even greater bugs :D
for ignoring the community. we, the players, obviously are stupid and don't know anything about what we want :)

And most importantly, for the greatest league release of all of PoE's history which went smoothly and without any major issues :D

BTW, anyone know when is Diablo 4 releasing?
Thanks for keeping us updated with those fixes, even so it is a bad situation. Hope you(GGG) can fix most of the bugs.
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The crash continues, I don't know what the problem is, but practically impossible to play the Heist mechanic, crash when entering the thieves' bay (because they didn't make it individual to the map like the hideout or the harvest map (?) is something that intrigue enough) among all the people with their effects, pets and the reduced space of the area plus the fps lows, the crashes when being in the area or when entering contracts or large contracts without counting the crash in the areas when the sound alarm and lose all the loot is IMPOSSIBLE to enjoy the league and if not everyone crashes not all of us have a 3080.
but please fix this as it makes you want to go play I don't know ... d2 hahaha because it really is frustrating and I'm not saying it just for me I see the forum and everything is pure "crash crash crash" so good.
There goes another screen-full of loot due to the grand heist portals not working as intended...

How is it possible to fuck this up so badly?

I'm done, for real this time.
Perhaps fix heist where people crash the most and use that data to fix the rest, since its clearly same error and heists are more of an issue ?
I never got ONE crash, since 1.0.... im lucky.
Intel i5 3470 - AMD RX480 6G - SSD.
Gotta say that, honestly, after upgrading the computer, I've crashed a whole lot less.

Sometimes, things just become obsolete. You can't stop progress by complaining that your rig's too old.

Yeah, I've crashed plenty from actual bugs, but a lot of the performance-related issues have been removed with modernizing my own system.
Still having GLOBAL GAME CLIENT Crashes: 0xE1

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