3.12.2 Hotfix 5

some bugs still left
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Still crashing and now it’s crashing while in the trade market, seriously debating deleting and requesting a refund. I’ve lost countless priceless items as everyone has. Seems ggg needs to compensate their players and customers dumping assloads of money into this non functional game. It’s a free game but yalls pockets aren’t sitting fat cause of us.
Got error msg while patching.

"Error: Failure when receiving data from the peer while downloading http://patchcdn.pathofexile.com/"

how to fix this?

Please fix your game.

The game just CTD without any error messages or any indication for a special reason.

I go to hideout -> crash

I start a map and walk 5m -> crash

I play different build and repeat previous steps -> crash

I change from vulkan to dx11 -> same crashes

I change config in N++ to go super minimum -> crash

I just don't want to play anymore... Which makes me feel like crying, since I really loved this game over the past years, that I've been playing it.
I have always enjoyed Path of Exile. I really have, no matter how difficult some leagues have been with challenges and difficulty or in-depth of what needs to be done to reach end-game, but I can't even reach the league content to experience it.

Travel to Rogue Harbor > crash

Manage to get into a heist > CTD escaping

Grand Heist > CTD after looting first room

Green Heist for quest > CTD

There is never an error report.

I have three computers I can play PoE on easily and never a problem before this league and patches and hotfixes. How many hotfixes is this like 50-60?

I understand GGG as a company doesn't have the money to throw at PoE like Activision/Blizzard, but I mean... did you even playtest this as a company with testers? You have streamers that won't even comment on the league anymore or do interviews.

It's been 10 days and only gotten worse at this point, but you say in each post "fixed this" and "fixed that"... no you didn't.
Can’t even participate in the heist league, huge bummer since this is my buddy and mines first league start and we bluescreen almost every time we get into a heist. I’m really loving this game and already spent some money on stash tabs etc please fix this so we can all enjoy the game as intended.
I understand GGG as a company doesn't have the money to throw at PoE like Activision/Blizzard

Isn't GGG financially owned by Tencent? Isn't Tencents purpose to provide the resources necessary for developing the game?

Afaik Tencent is one of the largest corpos.

They just screwed up, badly.
Shit happens, we get it, but you don't hype up something you know is going to be a shit show. You just f-ing don't. Unless they didn't know ...?

They keep saying "fixed" or "no major issues" but the reality is that it's just not fixed and there's A WHOLE LOT of critical issues.

The league mechanic is just not enjoyable. I tried 6 grand heists. I hated EVERY SINGLE ONE and I quit the game EVERY SINGLE TIME. Crash. Portal gone. No entrance. But then they said it's fixed. Try again? NOPE. Crash. Portal gone. No entrance. Pool's closed.

I personally consider this league to be the lowest moment PoE has ever had.

But they keep pretending they've got it under control; and it sucks man, because they fk-ing don't; this league could have been so much more.

We're past the denial, anger and bargaining. now it's just sad.
Ok, see my post on page 3 of this subject.

I've confirmed that the heist problems (unsure about mapping) are DIRECTLY related to SLI configurations, set up a 'path of exile profile' and disabled SLI (run on one GPU) and boom, no more heist crashes.

Given I play in 4k though this costs me 20-30% of my FPS so I'm dropping to around 40 vs 60-80, this is definitely related to multi GPU and is down in render code.

Not sure why heist (and potentially maps/etc) are using something that causes crashes... but this is the 'fix'.

Please fix your code... kthx.
After spending the weekend on lvling a new char i come back to do some heist and BAMMM CRASH other heist BAMMM CRASHHH other heist BAMM CRASHH

Grendalll wrote:
So what about my bugged paradoxica with 150pdps and without double damage?

Are you sure that it is not the replica version?

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