3.12.1 Patch Notes

Honestly Salvo is a wreck right now. I don't even think its working with pinpoint either, or even intensify. I have no idea what they are doing. [/quote]

I was reading something Mark wrote on reddit responding to this and apparantly the AOE dmg modifiers don't show in the tooltip because apparantly only the resulting explosion is modified by AOE scaling, so the first portion of the skill is considered a projectile (now) anyways.

But I am wondering, shouldn't AOE reflect in the tooltip calculations anyways since it's the 2nd calculation of one skill? [/quote]

That does not make sense at all, it has the AOE tag so boosting a damage type for the skill should boost both parts by 10% if you get a 10% aoe dmg boost right? if that's how it works that means projectile dmg boost does not apply to the explosions LOL. [/quote]

Wait does this mean pinpoint ONLY affects the projectiles and NOT the explosions? Who coded this shenigians. GGG clarify please.
My whole league start build is dead cuz of the great Soul Mantle Spidersilk Robe change and it isnt even considered to fixed great. My first 2 days/currency went to the ....
This is a good start, but there are still much more to be fixed before this launch can even be characterised as "quite good".

Some examples:

Soul Mantle

Agnostic fps issue when out of mana

Locked doors

Abyss chest/spawns

Skills not affected by the right kind of modifiers or having incorrect tags to begin with
The abyss not progressing left me without a chest in 8 of 10 cases.
Sometimes in a heist I had to escape through traps (mostly lasers) as the deactivation console was on the other side (more like the trap should ve been active going in, not going out) and one time the alert bar did not rise, even when killing people/opening chest, until i just got lockdowned (so the alert bar was bugged).

But atleast we wont be blocking us all to reach the chest, that was so frustrating.

So keep up the improvements.
And it keeps crashing.......
D: No Soul Mantle fix?
soul mantle !
You didn't fix the most important part of blazing salvo, the area scale. And while I appreciate your attempt to fix various bug, I can't help but feel like the most sever one wasn't included. The final door of grand heist will bug out very often and become non-interactable, effectively ruining your grand heist. No, I'm not talking about door interaction bug where it's fixed by stepping away for 5-10s. This is grand heist final door specific bug that every member in my guild are experiencing.
Rip soul mantle... See ya next league.
Scans notes...

Completing Abyss is one of the Challenges and should be fixed ASAP.
Ascension tied to Lab is the worst thing GGG has done...apart from GGG's philosophy on Trading. Oh and Gambling Loot boxes. And selling out to tencent.

I used to love GGG. I supported to ensure GGG remained independent, now I just wish I could get my money back. -_-

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