3.12.1 Patch Notes

Nothing about fixing crashes.....................
about time... why couldn't the rogue harbor be hot fixed?
"Increased the damage of Automaton Lightning Beam's beam as well as its on-death explosion."

Please reconsider this. These already do TOO much damage as is.
I don't see the Salvo fix, surely I'm overlooking it.
Asenath's gloves still unusable?:(
What about high cpu usage for intel user?
Fix all of the crashes please
and all of the other bugs and glitches that are happening in the game and not just the heist stuff
uh... are you leaving stuff out? front page post said :

Heist Improvements
Players no longer block other players in The Rogue Harbour.
Reward Chests in Unique Contracts no longer become locked when Lockdown occurs.
Reduced the damage that Clockwork Sentries deal with their on-death explosions.
Reduced the damage of Automaton Lightning Beam's impact area of effect hit.
Increased the damage of Automaton Lightning Beam's beam as well as its on-death explosion.
Escape Route minimap icons are now always visible to players in the same Wing.
Fixed a bug where Replica Quill Rain's "Socketed Gems are Supported by Level 1 Arrow Nova" did not work.
Fixed a bug where an Agility Laser hazard could generate with the disabling mechanism in an unreachable location.
Fixed a bug in Grand Heists where multiple Rogues with the same Job could attempt to do a single job, resulting in multiple job progress bars being visible.
Fixed a bug where various Heist Unique Items did not have a slot in the Unique Collection Tab.

Skill Improvements
Fixed a bug where Flame Wall required more experience than intended to level up.
Fixed a bug where Splitting Steel and Blazing Salvo weren't counted as projectiles for the sake of projectile-specific modifiers.
Fixed a bug where Splitting Steel wasn't affected by Area modifiers.
Fixed a bug where Cobra Lash didn't chain as many times as it should have.
Fixed a bug where the tooltip of Enduring Cry incorrectly displayed a higher value of "Regenerate x% of Life over 1 second" than it actually granted.
Fixed a bug where multiple copies of Shattering Steel were offered by a vendor.
Fixed a bug where Cremation had many more projectiles than intended.

Miscellaneous Improvements
Fixed a bug introduced in 3.12.0 which prevented players from changing their God Powers in their hideouts.
Fixed a bug introduced in 3.12.0 where Coward's Legacy unique belt didn't count you as being on Low Life when you were cursed with Vulnerability.
Nothing about the overpowewred templar enemies.

And heist is super unrewarding.
"The launch day went quite well with just a few small hotfixes to address minor problems."

Heist League - GGG
new spectres when ?

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