3.12.1 Patch Notes

RichMoney wrote:
Nice work!

the community says you're welcome
Dang, no fix for abysses not progressing?
Guess that explains why "Rogues can fail to open doors in certain Blueprints" was listed as heist content problems, not high priority in known bugs.
I Hope this fix the Crashing problems i was having when changing from any map.
RIP 15 projectile blazing salvo
a few more weeks til Heist leaves beta! Pathetic..
Area damage doesn't affect Blazo Salvo at the moment. Only the projectile damage was mentioned in the patch notes. Will area damage work with Blazing Salvo after the patch?
nickcblazer wrote:
Nice and all but Hideout crashing is making game unplayable. If map portals are open crash to desktop everytime I try to enter.

same here... never crashed this much before.
Thank you guys

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