3.12.1 Patch Notes

was looking for the "fixed a bug where players can get to level 87 without seeing a single blueprint" note. Fuck me I guess.
damn, that took 2 days lmao

Edit: they edited post after my comment dont @me
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Glorious fixes!
dayhjawk wrote:
uh... are you leaving stuff out?

Sorry, my mistake. Updated with full notes.
Soul Mantle fix please!
Nice and all but Hideout crashing is making game unplayable. If map portals are open crash to desktop everytime I try to enter.
no golden rule fix. unlucky
hey dude i know you guys are busy so heres my code for the soul mantle fix, feel free to borrow

for x in soul_mantle_modifiers:
if x == 80%increaseincurse:

sry i only know the language with the snake name

Still no beast craft fix :/
Well as a blazing salvo player, even WITH greater volley / gmp not reducing dmg, the skill is minimal at best. this is a 50% damage nerf and will make it basically tickle at this point....YIKES. Heists already were a nightmare now...lol.

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