3.12.0 Day One/Two Hotfixes

millamber wrote:
Any update on the Soul Mantle change? applies hex with 80% increased effect, not listed on unique item balance in patch notes. Is this intended? ninja nerf?

According to gggtencentreddit it is intended, though the value might change
that is so unfortunate. that item already required losing both ring slots, a jewel slot AND a 3 point tree node or your anointment on ammy. lol, seems like a fair investment for benefit no?
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Bex said on reddit they wanted to put More instead of increased, which mean you can still use kikazaru and the node.
I keep having major lag in Heist eventually it just crashed, checked my ping and internet they were fine. I literally just crashed like 2 minutes ago.
At least the loot boxes are polished and ready to go and you made the league mechanic have a shared instance with the NPC's really far apart so people have to run around and show off their MTX and it's so crowded you can't even get to your stash.

It's fairly obvious where your heart is at and it's not with player experience.
pls for love of god, move the stash box in harbor, players keep blocking it and you can get stuck in there. also let players go back to harbor and back in the first portal that spawns after heist start, because i clicked on it too many times, at start and lost the heist!
RothonWylar wrote:
Side note, not sure if this has been brought up but flame wall has been leveling slowly compared to other gems of its level. its level requirement has remained 10 lvls below my character level while using it is this intended or a bug?

I played around with Flame Wall while leveling and can confirm. It requires about 5x the experience of gems of comparable level requirements. It levels faster for the vendors...
Thank you!

Game Crashing while dying in Zana mission in a map. happened 2x in a row.
We need a way of getting our own instance of harbour or at least make the stash beeing able to be visited from anyone! I hate it so much waiting to be able to store stuff, so disgusting that I dont play heists actually.
If it is too hard to move the stash, can you add more than one stash access point in the harbour?

I hate having to wait for a minute or more at times and then stay stuck by the stash forever until people move away so they can access the stash.

I would log out but it uses a marker every time I need to go to the harbour.

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