3.12.0 Day One/Two Hotfixes

Side note, not sure if this has been brought up but flame wall has been leveling slowly compared to other gems of its level. its level requirement has remained 10 lvls below my character level while using it is this intended or a bug?
Eventually GGG's standard practice of rushing out half baked content and expecting the player base to beta test the first two weeks of the league is going to catch up with them.

Feels like the player base is getting tired of GGG cutting corners and releasing "experimental" content with the promise of PoE 2 so far away.
Hoping for a hexblast fix soon. Doom ailment buff isn't being applied. Thanks for the effort, guys.
Contracts still freezing on the escape route
please either change vixens to hex's or add the curse tag back on to bane. having bane no longer cast curses through vixens pretty much killed bane and a hotfix would really help. thanks
Please fix splitting steel and projectile tagged supports..
ffs fix the stash in heist. This is ridiculous.

Posted this.
Game immediately locked up.
Now I can't restart the client.


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Fps drop, habour lag after update. What's next?
Any update on the Soul Mantle change? applies hex with 80% increased effect, not listed on unique item balance in patch notes. Is this intended? ninja nerf?

Also not able to modify Pantheon abilities in h/o.
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