3.12.0 Day One/Two Hotfixes

One by one we've deployed the following misc (mostly serverside) hotfixes:
  • Fixed an instance freeze/crash related to vendor recipes.
  • Fixed an instance crash that could occur in Heist content
  • Toned down the amount of unique items players were pillaging from early Heists
  • Halved the life regeneration granted by Oak's Enduring Cry and doubled its cooldown
  • Fixed a bug where an invalid skill gem was being sold by a vendor
  • Fixed a bug where a teleporter didn't work in a late Heist boss fight
  • Fixed some crashes and graphical issues that Windows 7/DirectX users were experiencing
  • Fixed the spam of other player names in The Rogue Harbour. You'll only see the names of players if they're in your party.
  • The Sextant Mod that spawns monsters that are converted when killed would spawn monsters that crash.
  • Fixed a client crash that would occur when throwing a trap at an Essence monster
  • Allow players to run the same type of unique contract multiple times
  • Fixed various bugs with running contracts and blueprints
  • Fixed a bug with the "A Valuable Combination" prophecy.
  • Fixed the most common freeze and server crash related to Heists. At last!
  • Fixed a bug where Heists would sometimes crash in Predictive Mode.
  • Fixed an instance crash related to two skills being used together.
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This is why updating should be allowed to start earlier. Now with update only almost done now, I missed out on the Uniques bonanza. Some BS...
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Still having game disconnected, Cant see mobs, its all fked
thanks for the quick fixes! except the easy uniques i wish you'd waited a bit to fix that one
Cant play or create a char. gets to heist screen display driver crashes.
I deleted Path of Exile on D drive which is a SATA HDD.
still had POE on C which is a 480gb SSD. it downloaded 25 GB Heist.
same thing crashes at create char Heist screen. display driver crashes recovers poe exits. another fine example of development huh?
"Toned down the insane amount of unique items players were pillaging from early Heists"

oh look another example of early exploiters getting all the good shit before its changed

how not typical of video games

these directX crashes should not have been happening in the first place

sasuga chris-sama
Still having the same issues http://prntscr.com/ujtsd3

Unplayable - crashes and glitches
I can't launch the game, an error saying my platform is invalid, I am using Windows 7 and updated the new patch. Yesterday I played
even though this has been posted it hasn't been changed yet?

i still have the same problem with Oak.
also another problem where the prior party member i have been in a party with shows up on the map even if wwe aren't in a party.

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