Content Update 3.12.0 -- Path of Exile: Heist

kingkarlos19 wrote:
Can we adress MELEE beeing WAY to strong? My Cyclone Juggernaut can easily kill Izaro and has over 40k Tooltip DPS. I played a Miner before and it died so often in Labyrinth

Is this the new way of trolling hard?
michalkoz wrote:
Ondosplay wrote:
kingkarlos19 wrote:
Can we adress MELEE beeing WAY to strong? My Cyclone Juggernaut can easily kill Izaro and has over 40k Tooltip DPS. I played a Miner before and it died so often in Labyrinth

I hope that this is a meme

Regenerate 2% of Life per second
5% reduced Damage taken
Armour received from Body Armour is doubled
0.2% of Total Physical Damage prevented from Hits in the past 10 seconds is Regenerated as Life per second

It's not :D Great job ggg lol

Sure if you want to compare a glass cannon with rather no defences with a super plus ultra tank,..... sure.... why not. In this case the trapper or miner didn't understood how his char works and how he is supposed to play with it. Nothing wrong here. My miners let izaro go instantly down after he got up, while the melee character has to survive the time izaro is able to hit him. Comparing a character with 40k Tooltip tanky as fuck against someone with 70k per ball or projectile, while every mine has like 10-16 projectiles on 23 mines. Let both fight against each other, woould like to see the marauder getting near to the miner.... lulz

That has to be a meme/troll or a serious braindamage.
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GGG we have to talk about the definition of "slightly" @ball lightning
I don't know about you guys, but that nerf wasnt slight at all...
Morkazoid wrote:
GGG, please - do something with bots that spam with 3rd party sites which offer currency for real money. Just add algoritm that will blacklist some words that they are using or fight with it somehow..

Quite sure some of them are owned and operated by affiliates to increase revenue ;)
baton94 wrote:
Good luck applying hex on a specific boss whos in the middle of chaos, surrounded by billions of mobs. seriously idk why its not an area of effect skill which ignores all the mobs except bosses.
btw resolute technique remains trash for another league, i know its melee but cmon. U've introduced precision, flat acc on skill tree/ascendancies, changed sword to give flat acc, jewels with acc and RT became pointless...who even uses it. EO has +40%more dmg while RT what? blind doesnt effect you anymore? Nice deal for sacrificing crits, just add some fine nodes behind it...

I still use RT and dealing up to 12 Mil damage per hit, with a base investment of about 10 ex, while I would need like 100 ex to make it at least possible in a crit version....
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we need some informations about doom...

Will hexes applied by bane stack doom ? I think it can 'cause bane will have the "hex" tag and is a manual cast spell and is cast in the same shape than hex and have special interactions with hex but on the other hand, bane trigger linked hexes and doom doesn't stack on triggered hex, so it's not clear...

How doom works ? We know it increases hex effectiveness and can get 30 stacks by default, at a rate of 10 stacks per sec. But how much effectiveness by stack ? And, more important, is doom stack linked to the hex or to the target ?

For exemple, if we can apply 2 curses and put 1 hex on a target, wait 'till 30 hex stacks, and cast a second hex.
Will doom stack be linked to hexes, so the first hex is at 30 doom stacks and the second at 0, or doom stack linked to the target, and the target be at 30 doom stack, affecting booth hexes ?
I think it can be important to know for doomblast and hexblast, 'cause booth deal more damage depending on the doom stacks...
In the first case, it means we need a bit more time to full stack doom but we can have 60 doom stacks (and more damages), in the second case it means we don't waste time in doom stacking by casting additional hex, but the damage won't be really buffed by having more than one hex.
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Johansoll wrote:
And just like that you say: "FUCK YOU!" to all players who actually like to play melee! Every league is like this! You guys keep saying that you want people to play different kind of builds, but everytime you nerf the wrong shit!

Do you lack the knowledge of the english language or what makes you believe that melee got bashed?
I must be misreading the patch notes. I didn't see anything about molten strike or cyclone . . .
Will Undying Grappler have the new discharge spell ?
So you take away Firestorm from chieftain start at level 12 and then don't replace it with another spell? Why the hate for Chieftain starters? I was hoping this was going to be the blazing salvo skill. FIRE AND ALL. WHY WHY WHY

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