Content Update 3.12.0 -- Path of Exile: Heist

another league to skip cya at poe2 guys
IonDrako wrote:
You literally did almost nothing to make marks somehow worthy of being nerfed down to one target. The only one that has something on it is snipers mark with the split and that's it, along with that the pitiful 5% chance to get charges on hit at 20% quality is a joke at best (should have been 20% at the very least)

But yeah there's almost nothing you listed that seems like some super strong change that warrants them being single target, I'd rather then just be their old versions and numbers than these single target ones because self casting these every time anything "worth casting it on" gets close sounds sooo worth it so I can get like 1 charge and maybe some random health and mana on killing that one thing.

They honestly need to be re-evaluated, I honestly think you need to make them worthy of being single target or make them aoe again.

I don't know if you read carefully or not but if you paid attention you would have known you can use both hex and mark onto one enemy even though your max curse is one, that's like a buff @@

pretty sure this says it still depends on your max curses

"Additions to the number of curses you can inflict on enemies apply cumulatively to both Hexes and Marks, but do not modify the number of enemies you can have Marked at any given time."

But even if that were the case now you have 2 things to socket and cast per "strong" enemy and the marks really don't do enough to warrant being single target.
Where are the BUFFS?
Need a better end game boss than Sirius
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Super excited for the skill changes, and I'm curious if marks will be worth investing in, or if it should be substituted for extra defense considering they can only be applied to one enemy at a time.

Seems like they added a whole other game on top of everything, considering they added the new area to recruit the specialists, and I'm wondering how seamlessly it will fit into the core game, but either way, it looks super fun!!!
Good changes, love to see it GGG :)
RIP nicro and butt lghtning omegalul. bullshit patch as always
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Have they mentioned what the starting levels are going to be for the new skills gems?
Rip Cursebots
Tollefso wrote:
Have they mentioned what the starting levels are going to be for the new skills gems?

their quest rewards are at the end of list

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