Content Update 3.12.0 -- Path of Exile: Heist

the new curse/doom mechanics sounds boring on paper. not really expecting much with it but who knows how it performs in the league. might give it a try when players unlock its full potential. Nice work ggg.
No uber-lab, no armour/ weapon enchants, nothing at all added.

What a completely dis-interesting league, see you guys in standard, i'm not into collecting replica alt shards all league.
nice ascendancy changes
They nerf a lots of stuff for sure, but I'm quite happy with Firestorm and the new lightning skill. About Melee, I don't give a F. Most melee skill you need to target and not Cyclone so, yeah this skill is too op :P

- Spellslinger 0.5 -> 0.6 doesn't seem gamebreaking to me
- Glancing Blows was not meant to be instant % less dmg taken keystone. It was especially strong with gain on block stuff, so by nerfing only dmg absorb you hit that aspect the most, while not complicating mechanics unnecessarily. Perfectly fine change.
- Looking forward to trying out Vitality, at 5k HP regen changes from 80 to more than 200, nice :D

Apart from that I hope that Frost Shield will turn out good. I longed for simmilar skill for a long time for builds with lower mobility.
I hope this will shut mouths of people complaining about "def nerf".

Keep up the good work guys! More content always apreciated :D

P.S. For crying summonners, try playing build where you actually press buttons to deal damage and notice the difference in survivability when you don't have a meat shield around.
9 pages of comments so far, and a lot of "concerns" with no actual constructive criticism.

Many claims here suggest the balance team "doesn't play the game"... so I'm wondering what the community thinks: if you seem to play enough to know what's best for the game, make a suggestion rather than just commenting that the changes suck. Or should we just assume you are parroting reddit?

Pick a skill. Nerf? Buff? Why? Show your work/numbers.

Pick a unique. Nerf? Buff? Why? Show your work/numbers.

Pick an ascendancy. Nerf? Buff? Why? Show your work/numbers.

It should be easy? Or not?

There will always be meta builds. I don't think this is a balance issue. The presence of meta builds does not invalidate other builds. Plenty of players playing with the 1% ascendancies, items, skills, etc finish all the content in the game. And you know what? I bet they have fun doing it because they play what they want and not caring about what others are playing. There are multiple ways to have fun playing, find yours!
Estava esperando mais mudanças principalmente nas classes de ascenção, porém a liga parece muito interessante. Porém sem hype dessa vez
RIP Chaos Slinger leveling method???

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