Path of Exile: Heist Balance Manifesto

PoE is still much more like D3.

From game, where players have many choices what to play, you make game, where is viable/OP just few builds, what apes copy/paste.
Then you make bad asc. fun to play or strong like others, you just kill few builds, primary focused on def. (ofc. GGG fck on SSFHC/HC) and OP sheets uniques (HH) and mechanics let untouched ... couse SC "trading" hm?

I try play first time after ur technical patch ... open Delirium, lags as sheet and rip. Well done patch ... Before i dont have problems with that ...

Still much more reasons dont play this game anymore :/

Boring manifesto.

Bring some bad items and skills back to light instead of putting anything mildly popular back into a drawer please, these manifestos are just a random turn-wheel of doom for popular builds and skills nowadays i feel.

Oh, and by bring back something bad i mean make it great for endgame, not just usable at low to mid tier like most items you've updated and improved so far.

I can barely remember last time a random unique item dropped that i didn't just throw into the vendors window or straight up just skipped picking up, even the usable ones are like 5C or less after a while, mapping feels like going through the motions these days, nothing unique i find is interesting, in general.

I'll try heist but i have seen nothing that got me hyped to play the league yet..
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I think nerfing enduring cry is a mistake. The instant warcry + enduring cry enabled a lot of builds that I previously didn't consider because they lacked defences - now I am back to a few tried and tested ones (HC). I think instead of encouraging different builds this nerf does the opposite.
its sad that poe ended up balancing like d3...
inb4 X item gives 100000% MORE dmg to X skill.
as a specters necro player i approve of these changes.

still gonna play necro, but probably going to go skellies with specters as buff-bots this league, which I very much like the idea of. Looking forward to it!
changed to grant maximum elemental resistances instead of less damage taken. This is mostly to prevent clever use of game mechanics with Standard items that could completely prevent taking certain types of damage.

....didn't you do the exact opposite of this with flasks a year or two back for the same rationale?


There’s still a cap on max res you can get so this is still less easily abused than in the past when you could get 100% ele res
I want a stream or video of the Balance crew, GGG staff, Chris Wilson and all of their team playing very end game content with these nerfs and reasonable gear. Not some multi-mirror tier game master spawned gear. Like ACTUAL legit drops and crafted gear and see what they say. Stop being just analyst and be actual players. If you want to just be an analyst and not even play the game, I think RIOT needs some for League of Legends, because this is becoming League of shitty content.

Once the Pandemic induced free time is going to end I wonder how a casual player is even going to finish a League.

End game content introduced for the streamers. Not for you. Streamers promote the game and noobs come here. They will get disappointed soon like you because of stupid game design. Chris's words prove that.
Last league was the first league that I didn't play extensively on since Rampage. I look very much forward to this, and new nerfs brings new builds forth, new discoveries, and this is what POE is all about. To crack the code of the next fun and innovative build. Out of the ashes of old overpowered builds, comes new great frontiers.
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