Path of Exile: Heist Balance Manifesto

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I would get excited but there's just so much 'stuff' in PoE now. It's a headache to catch up sometimes.
Enduring Cry
This warcry combined with the Call to Arms keystone gave convenient defence with little or no player interaction. We're increasing Enduring Cry's cooldown to 8 seconds and requiring at least one enemy to be in range to generate endurance charges in order to increase the importance of positioning and timing during gameplay.

Maybe look into making these nerfs single-target like the Marks instead of splash-damaging entire screens worth of not-even-slightly-overpowered builds along with the handful of loophole-abusive builds you're supposedly targeting?

changed to grant maximum elemental resistances instead of less damage taken. This is mostly to prevent clever use of game mechanics with Standard items that could completely prevent taking certain types of damage.

....didn't you do the exact opposite of this with flasks a year or two back for the same rationale?

The Bleeding and Poison tags are no longer used.

My instinct is that there must be unique items this will cause possibly exploitable issues with but I'm having a hard time finding examples on the Wiki.
Awakened Combustion Support when?
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