Path of Exile: Heist Balance Manifesto

The changes to vaal impurity and stealth kinda blow not gonna lie.
Nerfing defensive mechanics instead of making enemies harder to kill will only make the gameplay more binary. I signed up for an ARPG not a gatcha mobile game.
"You have ventured far and fought hard to face your doom, puny mortals! Come then and learn the true meaning of despair."
please...leave clusters alone. Make it legacy wink wink wink
LOL Spellslinger was fine when you introduced it at 15%. It was usable at 20%. Now it is literally dead. Nice job!
No fun allowed.™
:( ouch
All things seem balanced.
lol it's still Path of nerfs each season more and more tankyness removed better off just going glass cannon builds theses days
Nerfs everywhere. Cant say i am shocked with GGGs balance team.
ProbablyGettingNerfed - L100 Occultist
ThisGameMeBlueBalls - L99 Guardian
Vinktarded - L97 Pathfinder

Our maps are high rolled...<High®>
Of course, another nerf to summoners. Wanna have fun? Here, have even less of it.

Patch 3.18 - A summoner? We deleted it with all its minions.
Here we go again!

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