Heist Challenge Rewards

i need that Cat!
Nice pet mimi :v
Viktranka wrote:
Restryouis wrote:
Just when I wanted to fool around with the new skills, now I have to make a serious build to get the 24 achievements.
Depends on the difficulty of the challenges, I skipped most of metamorph and bum rushed 24 after barely playing... Now grinding to 36 in delirium and harvest kinda burnt me out so I think I'll be going for 24 only this time.

OMG gief cat! :3 I haven't had pet reward since Synthesis. And this one looks much cooler than the robo-globe from Synthesis as well!

I usually don't play leagues - don't like starting from 0 - except for rushing to maps to get daily atlas missions that then transfer to std but this cat pet reward... DAMN.
Are there any good builds to just RUSH through challenges?
wait a sec you get pack of helmet not single helmet DANGGGGGGGGGG !!!!!!!
xardas149 wrote:

You mentioned friends/people just rushing challenges, are there any guides for that?

I seriously consider rushing to 24 and then being done, as I don't usually play league
wings ?
little kitty cat
I can haz McGonagall?
[quote="Michael_GGG"]However because we're reasonable people we decided against extending RNG into account bans.[/quote]
Bird lover of Wraeclast
I feel like I always miss out on the good league rewards.

Still wish I wasn't on break during synthesis.
A pet cat! Pog

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