Heist Challenge Rewards

I need the cat!
Kroohpyyh wrote:
The cat!

make him / her pull out a cup of tea in idle while standing on his behind-legs and we are golden <3
That's exactly what we needed the most from the Challenges, more fucking lame Helmets Coif ... for real, whom the fuck comes up with this ideas?

I was expecting Weapons/Cloak/Armor/Gloves ... something to do with the HEIST, now the challenges aren't even worth the time, good job folks, it's like giving to a guys who can't read(not blind) and whom never went to school to learn how to write his own name, a job Application, that's how (un)Inspired you are ...

Having an opinion is like having an anus, everyone has one.
But not having one, is like eating shit from GGG

Next league wings please :D

These are cool also , especialy the cat and portal.
I Am a Ninja
At least there is no back attachment this time =) As for me, rewards not bad and not that great either. I would say its normal: 6,5/10.
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Can i get two cats please if i dont need the portal xD
Trading still sucks
League emblem - Deathly Hallows Confirmed

It seems that the GGG finally found an approach to the players, and the incentive to complete 36 challenges is again a beautiful portal, and not ridiculous wings (hello Legion, Synthesis, Delirium, Betrayal?)
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ooh coool, 3 helmets for 12 challenge, that is awesome! Thanks GGG
Really new trend is portal at every league? Fine 24 to go again.

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