Heist Challenge Rewards

Cat and head are okey.. but so far the worst reward of all league.. :/
A Cat with a Monocle and a Bow Tie !!!!!

Finally, a Great 24 Reward.

I want that portal ;)
I will try and get them ALL, I love them! =D

Great job GGG, as always!
Holy moly that CAT

Love it!
I actually like the helmet pack. Variety is always nice, and helmets are kinda interchangeable on most sets, so that's really cool.

The pet is the best part, obviously.

Nice portal opening sound and effect, I'd give it a 8/10,

Overall, very nice.
whyyyy? just give a bodyarmour for the love of god. no one wants 1000 helmets and portals. but this portal is not bad.
Thank you for adding the pet for 24 challenges, 36 is mostly unreachable for me with work and all and I really want that cat <3

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