Heist Challenge Rewards

Honestly, I'm confused...
What's the reason to ask what kind of rewards players want if you'll deliver same packs anyway lol...
Not feeling those helmets
10 is the max ive ever been able to do, so thanks i guess.
Please GGG for god's sake remove static ambient sfx from the portal mtx! It's horrible to do any kind of alt tab trading sessions with a freakin buzz in your hideout please make a 'muffler' for portals in hideout i beg you.
Why u do this ggg 36 CHALLANGES. I dont have 50 houers in day) this portal and cat u guking kidding.
The grind starts all over again ;)
Who are all this people that want a pet, seriously...
Worst rewards so far
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well enough just not for me, maybe i will just go 24 this one
Normal helmets without special fx just look blah, the pet just meh... portal kind of basic tbh, these challenge rewards are not for me. Might just try out Heist to see what alternate uniques and gem quality have to offer but looking like I'll be spending a majority of my time in standard.

Even in Harvest I went for the cloak then just didn't care about going further.
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36 challenge portal, portal, portal, portal 2099 to portal portal portal.
Please stop portal ty.

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