Heist Challenge Rewards

Really disappointing lineup this league... The cat is awesome, but bland helmets and another portal... kinda meh. If 36 was something like a weapon skin/effect or wings, my opinion might have been different.
I like the portal, I guess I will play little bit more seriously than in dull Harvest.
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ING: Marxone
Ty for scam <3
Great portal and pet
Nice that you mix it up with pets.

Also the Helmet pack is a novelty, which could be extend to contain different back attachments as the 24 reward.

As 36 rewards there would be 3 possible body armours but you can get only one radomly of them or maybe linked how you interacted with the league mechanic.

Would be a fresh change instead years of portals.
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Pet is so cute, i will take it for sure
Sick ass portal skin. I still don't see how any exile can fit through it without jumping head first or that cat getting through it tho.
SSF, because Path of Trade RMTers and bots suck.
at least they gave us a PET ^^

im bored to see last 10 leagues same slot rewards portal helm cloaks
awesome rewards, i think i will play the league just because of them
Looks boring to me, was it allready in Harvest :( looks like i really wanna skip this league.

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