Path of Exile: Heist - Zizaran's Awakener Kill Event

am i supposed to be excited?
Anscendant wrote:
Path of Exile should be HCSSF only. Chris Wilson, please delete "HC" Tradeleague and SC and make this a better place. No offense to all non-HCSSF players in here. You guys know this is the truth. ^_^

Only a matter of time till the first bragging rights post pop out. Bingo.
God forbid to have more options how to play.


These races or HC event in general have a great potential but the way they are executed is boring AF.
It is the same story,map grind since years which favourises people that no-life from day one and optimized their routes(including may layout reading) to be played blindly.

A better and more fair approach on (so its not only a streamer event and more interesting to watch) whould be a series of NEW mini HC-races/events (with new map layouts) like the old Descent or giant arena PvP matches like Battle Royale, where all participants could have multiple chances to participate and dont have to play (one-mode) till their eyes bleed out.
For the randomly drawn prizes, if you can win more than once on an account, how do you enter more than once on an account? Killing A8 more than once? On more than one char or the same char?
Zizaran wrote:

god ziz, you take up a whole page with your supporter icons. If you are gonna say something, feel free to say a little more.
If the fight wasn't so bad you didn't have to pay people to do it...
Once again will /played time matter for this race or the 24/7 no lifers will get the kills just because they have more time to do so.
In order to get rid of clearspeed meta cap global movement speed at 100% but make all skills instant so everything feels great.
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That is ultra nuts
bit too soon for me since the last race but good luck to participants, as the bosses are known this time I kinda feel there is room for a random to win this if they have 4 days off and plenty of talent and that'd be hot!
next we will see some shoes advert league here

YES I support the game, NO I dont agree with many GGG decisions
Atlas of Worlds is the worst thing that happen to POE.
Lab still sucks balls.
dachoppa wrote:
I will participate and probably have fun but I know I won't win. The fact that some players can put 16 hours a day into the game makes it impossible for average people to compete.

I wonder if an event with a max hours played per characters would give more equal chances to everyone?


why is it such a problem that they are much better at their job than you are casually playing poe? you will never ever be able to compete unless you put in a similar amound of time and effort into becoming an efficient racer in path of exile.

i will also never be able to compete in the NBA or any other professional competition because since it's not my job, i won't have the skills and knowledge. heck, i am actually able to play poe 10 hours a day, but i am nowhere near their level.

I understand your point but I also understand the point of the guy you answered to.

The way I see this race, and I'm talking mainly about the HC SSF part of it with cash prizes, it's as if someone organizes a basketball tournament where the participants are NBA teams and you, me and some other guys that play on weekends. Will the pros that earn a living playing basketball destroy us? Yes. And that's normal and expected. Is this hypothetical basketball tournament actually more of an NBA tournament? Yes. Is the HC SSF part of the Ziz race actually just a streamer race? Probably. I mean anyone can take time of work for a chance to win 11000$ but do they stand a chance against the pros? No. Again, it's perfectly normal that whoever invests the most time into anything wins. But it's not really fair to pair up amateurs and hobbyists against them. This race like all of them before and any races in the future will be won by one of the top 10 POE streamers.

Just my two cents. I hope you understand my point of view. I'm always just a viewer when it comes to races and I perfectly enjoy that. Maybe in Heist I win some MTX. Good luck!

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